An ATV or UTV has a basic list of features, and there is a balance between the features included and the price of the machine. Too many features drive the price high. Not enough and the machine loses its appeal.

Today’s machines come with some basic features that are expected in a stock package. Tires and wheels are expected, but fancy wheels are not. Some means of carrying gear is expected, but a cargo box is an accessory.

Accessories then become a way of customizing and personalizing your ride. Here are some add-ons that accomplish just that:


Robin Belnap of South Weber said, “When I am riding a trail I have to have my music with me.” She drives a one-of-a-kind pink Polaris RZR. You will find her on the trail with a smile and her tunes.


A winch is the favorite of Willis Little who lives in Fruit Heights. “I have pulled myself out of more trouble using my winch.” he said, “I use it to secure my ATV to the trailer.” Winches can be an important accessory if you know how to use them.

GPS with a Ram Mount

Bob Brady of Farmington won’t go out on the trail without his Garmin Montana 600. He uses a mount made by Ram consisting of a one inch ball attached to his handle bar. A stem with a large thumb screw allows him to tighten the stem on the ball on the bar as well as a ball attached to the GPS. It holds the unit in place at the same time allowing adjustment to a variety of positions.

“I love my GPS and the security it gives me in making my way in the back country,” Brady said.

Cargo Box

Scott Greenwell of South Ogden has ridden a Blue Polaris Sportsman 570 XP for as long as I have known him. He has a cargo box made to fit his machine.

“I love all the things that I can fit into that box. It gives me confidence to know that I will have what I need when I go out on the trail,” Greenwell said. When he bought a new Yamaha Wolverine last month, the first thing he bought for it was a new cargo box.

Charlie Grisim of Syracuse agrees. “I got a cargo box for my Polaris RZR and it is big enough to put a small cooler inside,” he said.

Extra rack and spare tire

When Don Moore of Ogden brought home his Can Am Commander he thought it should be capable of more storage. He engineered an extra rack with room for a spare tire.

“One of the first things I noticed out on the trail is that no one has wheels that will fit my machine,” Moore said. “He mounted a wheel with a smaller tire that would fit all four positions on his Commander. He now rides with a new confidence on the trail.


Several people listed this as a favorite accessory. Rex Bennet of West Haven prefers a half windshield because it allows the air to pass though while keeping his hands warm.

Patty Brown of Layton rides with a full windshield. A downside of a windshield is the dust that gets sucked up from the floor when in use. It is important to have a rear screen to prevent that from happening.

“With a roof and my windshields, I like being protected from the elements,” Brown said.

Reed Embley of Layton has a glass windshield that folds down so that he can protect himself when needed. I have noticed that when I have ridden with these people, when we stop, a lot of windshield cleaning goes on.

ShockStrap Tie Downs

Mike Nivens of North Ogden is concerned that the machine he enjoys so much stays on his trailer until he is ready to ride. The unique feature of the ShockStrap design is in the neoprene bone that stretches so that the strap does not come loose in transit.

“I paid good money for this machine. I am not going to tie it down with cheap straps,” Nivens said.

And there you have it. I have some favorites of my own, but they can wait for another day. When you go, take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down, and if you have a favorite accessory, I would like to hear about it.

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