ATV Adventures: Gift ideas for your ATV/UTV friends

The best place to find a lunch box oven is at a truck stop. There are several brands to choose from. They come standard with three aluminum trays to make clean-up easy.

Thanksgiving is here along with the madness of the holiday shopping season. ATV friends can be tricky to buy for because of their particular tastes. Here are some gift ideas that would please any rider:

Not to be confused with balaclavas, which are made of a thicker material and are meant to keep your neck and face warm in cold weather. I wear a tube scarf to protect my neck from the sun.

The versatility of these scarves makes it possible to configure them in a variety of ways for protection from dust and the sun. The material is thin enough to wear with a helmet.

You can soak them in cold water and cool down on a hot day. They are available for about $8.

There never seems to be enough grab handles on a UTV which make a pair of these grab handles a great gift idea. Easy to install, they make it easier to get in and out of your machine. They also give you an extra grip on a wild ride. They run about $15 a pair.

The ability to pull start an ATV has become a thing of the past and they have never have existed on a UTV. The back country is a scary place to be with no power.

The answer is a portable jump starter and even if you don’t own an ATV, they are powerful enough to start a car or truck. About the size of a cell phone, they also charge cell phones and tablets. I have seen them as low as $49.

If you don’t have a jump starter, it will be important to have a tow strap. I keep one in my emergency kit and have used one on more than one occasion. A common length is 12 feet, but I prefer the 20 foot length. If I am pulling someone, 20 feet provides a better reaction time for a quick stop. A 20 foot strap will run about $30.

The low pressure tires on ATVs and UTVs make plugging a tire a good option on the trail. I have successfully run with a plugged tire for the life of the tire.

A kit comes with a reaming tool, an insertion tool, along with a supply of plugs. I have learned that after roughing up the hole with the reaming tool and attaching the plug into the insertion tool, applying a twisting motion to insert the plug, makes the job easier. Anyone would be glad to have an extra kit and they run about $9.

While women get to wear bright colors, as a rule men don’t. Riding an ATV gives a guy a chance to wear colorful riding gear. Riding jerseys have long sleeves for protection from the sun and come in loud colors.

As opposed to a cotton shirt, a jersey is designed to breathe and keep a rider cooler on a summer day. The loud colors make the rider more visible.

To complement the jersey, a pair of riding gloves to match is a great gift idea. Riding gloves are designed to breathe on the top of the hand and the palms are padded for comfort.

If you know your friend’s favorite color, a combination of a jersey and matching gloves would be sure to please. A rider never has enough shirts or gloves. A jersey will run about $30 and gloves about $25.

Where trail cuisine consists of crackers and cheese, this is a gift that will not disappoint especially if your friend is a foodie. The lunch box oven is a mini oven about the size of your grandpa’s lunch box and it plugs into the accessory outlet on your machine. It will heat about a quart of food to 300 degrees.

I have served tacos with all the trimmings, burritos, hot dogs, baked beans, sloppy joes, and Chinese lettuce wraps on the trail. They are a favorite of long haul truckers and are found in truck stops for about $30.

I have no difficulty in finding riding buddies when I bring my oven. When you go take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down, and have fun with these ideas to please your ATV friends this Christmas.

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