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Biologists with the Department of Wildlife Resources took hair samples from bison on Antelope Island on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014. Park staff collected DNA from the island's hundreds of bison following the annual bison roundup in order to determine how much cattle DNA is mixed in with the bison herd.

ANTELOPE ISLAND — A bison seriously injured a hiker Saturday afternoon on Antelope Island, a state parks officer said.

A medical helicopter retrieved the hiker from high on the Frary Peak Trail and flew him to the University of Utah Hospital, according to Parks Lt. Eric Stucki.

The bison struck the 30-year-old Davis County man at about 3:45 p.m., Stucki said, adding he had no further details about the incident.

“We are sending some rangers to try to get some witness statements,” Stucki said.

Police scanner reports described the incident as a “trampling,” but parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg said that description was “a little strong.”

The 600-bison herd freely roams the island. The animals do not often go to the elevation where the incident occurred, because their water sources are lower on the Great Salt Lake island, Stucki said.

Stucki said bison encounters with human are infrequent.

“We don’t hear of anybody getting struck but we do hear of them being chased,” he said.

It was not known what happened to the bison after the incident, Stucki said.

State Parks and Recreation will investigate the encounter.

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