The warm days we had in January and February found me out on the trail already. I have had four days riding so far this year and I don’t remember ever riding so early in the year. Now here I am staring out my window at real February weather contemplating the purposes I find in ATV adventures.

I find a lot of purpose in riding new trails because I need material for these newspaper articles. One of the best sources for trail information is from readers who know the backcountry. Last year, Richard Newton from the Hobble Creek, Don Huey of Orem and Willis Little of Fruit Heights all told me about trails I hope to be able to ride with them sometime in the near future.

I have favorite trails that also serve a riding purpose. When I find a trail that is especially enjoyable with great scenery and fun to ride, I like to share it with other people. It doesn’t matter how many times I ride it; if it is with someone new, I see the country new through their eyes.

Some of my favorite rides have been with my family. I have enough machines to be able to take them with me when they can go.

One year, my oldest son, Chad, and I took a ride in the San Rafael Swell. The deal was that his wife and kids got to stay in a motel with a pool while we rode the Devil’s Race Track. That was quite a ride — we found ourselves behind a mountain goat in Coal Wash that didn’t seem to be bothered by having us riding behind him. We followed him for about a hundred yards before he decided to move off the trail.

Sometimes just the adventure itself, the comradery and good memories are the purpose for the ride. I enjoy reminiscing about them. I was with Reed Embley of Layton on Lake Mountain. We had stopped in a meadow and watched a four-foot blow snake slither up to Reed’s machine and wrap itself around the warm engine. We just stood there with our jaws on the ground.

On another adventure, we found a horny toad on the trail at over 9,000 feet above Fillmore. We have enjoyed finding sego lilies north of Green River, high above Kanosh and above Farmington. It is always a treat to find them in bloom.

One more adventure found us lost in the San Rafael Swell, spending the night around a sage brush fire until it was light enough to see our way out. We have seen the mountain goats on the Tushar Mountains above Marysvale and a beaver cross the road into a creek on Farmington Flats near Bountiful Peak.

I am seeking adventure at the Tri-State Jamboree in the middle of March. It has been a while since I have attended this first jamboree of the year and I have heard that they are offering more new trails.

I am especially looking forward to the first night ride the jamboree is offering in the Hurricane Sands — “have light bar — will ride at night”. It is just the way it is.

The first part of April, I will be going with Dustin Sweeten with Powerhouse Motorsports in Pleasant Grove. We will be riding slick rock trails in Moab that I have never ridden before.

Testing and reviewing new machines gives me purpose. This year, I already have three machines lined up to ride and review — a Kymco UTV from Powerhouse Motorsports, a Yamaha Wolverine X4 from Layton Cycle and an Alterra VLX 700 from Mountain Tech Motorsports.

Topping off the year will be a ride I have had on my bucket list for some time. I have friends who want to take a trail that goes from Bear Lake to Kanab. We think we can do it in five days. Only a dyed-in-the-wool ATV rider would understand the purpose in that. Oh, and I am supposed to figure out how to do it.

When you go, take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down and find the purpose in your adventures.

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