In the thick of Utah’s mud season, Ogden Trails Network and Weber Pathways have partnered to update hikers, bikers and horse riders on Weber County’s trail conditions.

The newly-launched provides the status of popular trails, including segments of the Bonneville Shoreline and the networks at Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. Outdoor enthusiasts can check the site to determine whether their favorite paths are “good to go,” “fair,” “poor or severe” or closed.

The site collects its updates from trail reporters who register with Weber Pathways to send in their observations and photos.

“I think it’s pretty timely given the weather,” said Rod Kramer with Weber Pathways. 

It’s important for users to pay attention to conditions, he added, since improper use can chew up muddy trails. The result is ruts, erosion and labor-intensive restoration work.

“It costs both ... human resources and financial resources to repair the trails,” Kramer said. “Money that gets spent on trail repair is then unavailable to build new trails.”

While some routes look dry at the trailhead, they can get soggy at elevation. That’s why trail advocates want users to plan ahead.

“It is too common to see people riding and walking on wet and muddy trails, only because they didn't know what the conditions were until ... halfway through their hike,” said designer Alan Wheelwright in an email. “We hope to give users the ability to protect the incredible trail network we have here in Weber County by using it responsibly.”

Contact Reporter Leia Larsen at 801-625-4289 or Follow her on or on Twitter @LeiaLarsen. 

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Mountain bikers are all jerks!


Good idea (esp re: mud reports). Bookmarked. Wish there was some way to add "Nutcase mountain bikers present"  warnings --- you know, the kind who go bat outa hell fast downhill round blind turns on the assumption that nobody else could possibly be on the trail but them.


Leia, great information, let's hope all cyclist and hikers use this,Mack

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