The 31st annual running of the ATVs will open in Fillmore this year on June 19. Open to ATVs and UTVs, the National ATV/UTV Jamboree is the oldest jamboree in the state and would rival any other in the nation for that position.

This jamboree can trace its beginnings back to 1987, when 12 riders gathered in town to ride the Fillmore Loop. Some of those riders could see a benefit to making a large event that would benefit the county.

To put this in perspective, the first four-wheeled ATVs were just coming onto the market. It was also about 1989 that the new Paiute ATV Trail System was announced.

The Millard County Tourism Board and the Fillmore Chamber of Commerce combined forces to appeal to hungry ATV riders from all over the nation. It became the first “destination vacation” offered by Millard County.

You can imagine the reaction when Fillmore residents were told to expect 5,000 people riding ATVs around town for the first jamboree. The number was actually 600. They came, spent their money, and the jamboree became an annual event that has boosted this rural economy for the last 30 years.

This year the jamboree is staffed with new people and new ideas. They are offering new trails and a variety of activities to appeal to all ages.

Registration is open and can be done online or by mail until June 15. The $118 fee includes three days of guided rides, three hot breakfasts, three dinners, a jamboree T-shirt, drawing tickets and an entry into the Poker Run.

Fees also include an ice cream social and spectator tickets to a drag racing event. A $10 fee is assessed for those who want to put their machines on the line to race against other riders.

It is noteworthy that the registration fee gives every rider an equal chance to win some big prizes, including a new ATV, a Traeger Grill and a variety of ATV/UTV accessories. They are not selling raffle tickets for a chance to win.

While registration is completed online, the sign-up for rides and events will be accomplished on the first day of the jamboree. The opening ceremony and dinner will be that night

Young people 8-16 years of age are required to have certification to ride their own machines during the jamboree. However, certification can be obtained at the jamboree in a hands-on program available on the opening day. Call Jamboree Headquarters at (800) 441-4288 for more information.

Having attended this jamboree in years past, I recognize some of the trails being offered this year:

The Fillmore Loop

This ride is one of my favorites. It is scenic with amazing views at the top that go on as far as the eye can see. It can be run either direction, but I prefer to go up Sand Rock Ridge to the main Paiute Trail then ride north along the top of the ridge. At the top of Bean Canyon, the third leg comes down Chalk Creek Canyon. In June you will find the water high and the water crossings great fun. The water section is restricted by 50-inch gates while the UTVs take a different route.

Dry Wash/Big Oaks

This is another favorite featuring a fast ride to Kanosh, then taking the trail past the cemetery toward Cove Fort. The trail turns east into Dry Wash and comes out in Bull Canyon. The trail is scenic and fun to ride.

The Gooseberry Trails

These are two separate trail systems. The jamboree will take riders on the Gooseberry North and Gooseberry South trails. They are both restricted by 50-inch gates, but they are worth having a 50-inch machine to enjoy. The north section is higher in altitude than the south, but they are both worth taking a camera for memories.

The jamboree is offering trails I have never taken before so I am anxious to learn more about them. When you go take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down and have a great time on this old jamboree.

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