Leather is just one of these staples in western! Leather has been used for the western lifestyle for so long and in many ways, saddles, chaps, bridles and especially clothing. It has been most specifically used in outerwear. Now Leather is also a western fashion statement. Everyone needs to have at least one leather jacket. (many would be even better!)

A Leather Jacket adds extra “cool” to any look. It is durable and if taken care of it can last a lifetime. I have seen some amazing and unique western leather jackets that I know are vintage. When I ask people about them it’s not unusual for them to say ‘It was my parents’ (or grandparents’) jacket’.

There are so many wonderful designs out right now from the more simple, practical designs to the fun fringe, embroidered and studded looks for both men and women.

You may also have noticed all the different pricing when it comes to leather. This is due to the country of origin, how it was tanned and types of leather. Your really good quality leather is going to cost a bit more but it will also last longer. Your best quality is full grain leather. It may show some imperfections but it is the most durable and it can get a wonderful patina over time. Next is top grain leather. It is full grain leather but more is scraped off to even out imperfections and make it more uniform so it will lose a little of its durability. Sometimes it is coated with a protective finish.

Suede is made from the underside of the animal skin giving it a soft surface. Suede is softer, thinner, and not as strong but is sure has a wonderful feel and look to it.

Most jackets and vests we see today are made from cowhide, however you will also see other types of animals such at lamb, goat, pig, and deer. These are more likely used for suede for the lighter softer feel.

The most expensive leathers are crocodile and alligator. Even with their tough scales they manage to make this leather soft!

There are so many great companies making gorgeous leather jackets right now. One of my favorites is Scully. The prices are really good and the quality of workmanship is great! Plus they have a lot of selection for men and women. Other companies I like for leather outerwear are Cripple Creek, Liberty Wear, Cody James by Bootbarn (yes Bootbarn has their own line), STS Ranchwear and Kobler. Then you can get into the designer specialty looks from Double D, Tasha Polizzi and one of my favorites Brit West. Absolutely Gorgeous!

For stores and places to get these companies just look them up online! Some are carried by many retailers and some are exclusive to just one site. If you need help finding any of them just let me know! Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! Til next time, Happy Trails!

For this issue’s give away send me a picture of your favorite leather jacket or vest and I will match up a beautiful silk wild rag to go with it and send it out to you! We will pick 2 entries! Contact me at RockinHH@gmail.com

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