My second visit to Salt Lake Comic Con was a different experience as I cosplayed for the first time.

I arrived on opening day, Sept. 21, after school and waited in line at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City to get my wristband. I thought we’d be there forever as the line went out the door, but it moved super fast, with us waiting at max 10 minutes.

We walked into the artist alley which hosted a fabulous artist by the name of Lawliet Creations. There I was able to buy some amazing artwork, which now hangs in my room, that represented some of the TV shows I watch.

My group and I headed onward and ended up taking a walk through Celebrity Row which had such big-star names this year as Dick Van Dyke, Elijah Wood, the Cusack siblings and Catherine Tate. Next I saw my dream car, a black four-door ’67 Chevy Impala on display for “The Hillywood Show.” The show is created by two sisters who cosplay and make amazing videos for Youtube, and this car also makes a huge appearance in the CW program “Supernatural.”

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As we toured the vendor hall, I couldn’t help but notice how much roomier it was and how many different varieties of vendors there were. From people who made jewelry and crowns to a booth next to them that sold comic books, there was such an amazing selection to choose from! There weren’t as many vendors as there were in 2016, making the place easier to navigate and to see what there was to offer.

Next I got to take some pictures of the cosplayers such as Andrea Newmeyer who was cosplaying as Toff from the TV show “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and Abby Jacobson who was cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive from the hit anime show “Black Butler.” My favorite of this first day had to be the group of sisters I ran into; Heidi, Myciah, McKayla and Breanna Russell went as Yato, Iki Hiyori, Yukine and Kofuku from the anime show “Noragami.”

The second day I went to Comic Con was the last day of the event, Sept. 23. I ended up going this time with my aunt and we did our first cosplay. I was Mabel Pines from “Gravity Falls” and she was the swamp monster. We got so many compliments on our cosplay (my aunt more so than me).

As I took my aunt over to admire John Cusack and Rob Schneider, I took note of the new layout of the photo op area. Before it used to be chaotic and the volunteers’ mics didn’t work as well so we couldn’t hear. This year the area was divided up into better lines with louder mics and easy-to-read signs. Even though I didn’t go through, the lines went really fast and everyone seemed to be able to find their spot better.

Our next stop was a booth for Surreal Makeup, a independently owned business run by a wonderful lady named Amanda Baker. She sold homemade eye shadows that are super sparkly and cheap, I bought one and was able to use it the other day, and I was shocked at how well it lasted and how nice it looked.

After my aunt and I had seen everything, we went to watch all of the cosplayers. I was able to get a photo of Jessica Wallace, who cosplayed as Grell Sutcliff from the anime “Black Butler.” As we walked around we also sat by Bayley Rawlinson and Rylee Guinn who cosplayed as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from “Tangled.” They were amazing and if you take a look at the online photos, you’ll see Rapunzel has lights strung in her wig; she deserves major props for that one!

Last but not least some of my favorite cosplayers I’ve ever seen and met were Jacque Langlois, who cosplayed as Yuuri Katsuki, and Kenna Zeigler, who played Victor Nikiforov, both from the hit anime “Yuri on Ice!” I was able to stick around and talk with them for a little bit and asked both of them what they loved the most about Comic Con this year. Langlois said she loved the vendors and panels while Zeigler said she also loved the vendors and the cosplayers.

I met a mother and daughter, and the daughter, Mikayla Sepulveda, said the thing she loved most was seeing all of the costumes and meeting her favorite celebrity, Jodi Benson, who voiced the character Ariel from Disney's original “The Little Mermaid.” Her mother, Brooke Sepulveda, said she enjoyed seeing her daughter fulfill her wish of meeting Benson.

We then had to leave Comic Con but I left feeling so happy. I couldn’t stop smiling after meeting some truly amazing people and buying little tokens to add to my collections.

If someone asked me what my favorite part of Salt Lake Comic Con was I’d have to say the people. The people there are always so kind and inviting. They don’t care what you like or who you cosplay as, they are just some of the nicest people I’ve been around. Whenever I’m at Comic Con, I don’t feel anxious and claustrophobic, which is a rare occurrence for me seeing as how I’m surrounded by people in a loud place.

If you haven’t gone to Salt Lake Comic Con before you are missing out big time. You don’t have to go for all three days; you can buy a Saturday pass and load the kids up —. there’s even an area called Kid Con for the younger ones.

As always, I am already looking forward to my next year of Salt Lake Comic Con!

Olivia Judkins is a senior at Clearfield High School. Email her at

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