School. Everyone complains that they hate it. That they wish they could graduate already and get high school over with.

But do the people who say that really mean that?

All too soon, it’s your senior year. The last year of high school.

You always hear that it’s going to be the best year you can experience but it finally hit me that I’m going to graduate soon. That high school is going to be over. It’s weird to think that you won’t have to go to school anymore, unless you go to college — but that’s a different story.

School is a large part of everyone’s life. We spend a little more than a decade of our lives in school, so when you become a senior; you realize that everything is going to change. You start to realize that all of the things and people in your life that are a constant won’t be a constant anymore.

I think it finally registered in my brain that I’m getting older. I’m becoming that adult that everyone has taught me and told me to be. But even then, how do I know that I’m becoming an adult?

You know you’re a senior when you have gone to your last homecoming dance. When you don’t have to register for classes the following year. When you’ve gone to the last football game. When you have to start considering college, planning for campus tours and applying for scholarships. When you have to make huge decisions that will forever impact your life.

High school really does prepare you for life, maybe in not all the right ways that you think it should, but it does prepare you in all the ways you need to know. Like how to be social and make friends. Or learning the core subjects. Even if high school didn’t teach you how to do taxes, you still have to admit that you’ve learned many life lessons, both academically and non-academically.

In a way, I think I’m ready. I’m ready for the change of scenery and for the next step in my life that I will be facing. As scary as it seems, I’m excited. I want to experience everything. Deciding to live on campus, deciding to move away from home. It will be worth it.

For now, I get to experience the few months I have left of senior year. I’ll enjoy it and if you’re a senior, you should too.

Ceneca Solis is a senior at Clearfield High School. She enjoys writing and making her family laugh. Contact her

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