1. “Fugitive” — super fun and actually kind of dangerous.

2. “Paranoia” — no exercise involved!

3. “Cops and Robbers” — a good workout and can include a lot of people.

4. “Ghosts in the Graveyard” — combines hide-and-seek with tag. Nothing wrong with that combination!

5. “Murder in the Dark” — a game that makes you feel like you’re in a horror movie, waiting to be picked off.

6. “Sardines” — very fun icebreaker for those kids you don’t know.

7. “Capture the Flag” — it requires strategy, teamwork and a bit of luck!

8. “Judge” — Basically you stand in a line and have to break off and hide without getting caught. I once hid in a trash can to avoid getting caught. It’s really fun and better played when dark and with a lot of people.

9. “Mafia” — if you have a creative narrator, this can be a hilariously exciting round of double-cross, accusations and “who-dunnit.”

10. “Hide-and-Seek” — hey, it’s a classic!

— TX. staff

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