1. Watchet — a pale bluish-greenish color, similar to sky blue.

2. Falu — a Swedish name given to a dark red, almost rust color.

3. Brunswick green — very dark green that appears close to black.

4. Fuzzy wuzzy — a warm brown shade with hints of pink.

5. Celeste — a color associated with Italian bikes, this is a shade of pale blue.

6. Byzantine— a gorgeous magenta-toned purple.

7. Bittersweet — a soft orange, first used in 1892.

8. Coquelicot — a color used to describe the bright reds of poppies.

9. Cerise — a punchy, almost magenta shade

10. Smaragdine — a shade of emerald green. It was Pantone color of the year in 2013.

— Sara Tesch, Roy High

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