Netflix has been making original movies and it recently came out with “The Kissing Booth,” starring Joey King and Joel Courtney as a pair of best friends, Elle and Lee.

These friends have drawn up their own sets of rules and Elle has to choose which ones to break after falling for Lee’s brother, Noah (Jacob Elordi) —  breaking Rule No. 9. The two meet when Elle signs up to run a kissing booth at a carnival.

As far as Netflix movies go, “The Kissing Booth” is one of the good ones. Jam-packed with jokes, the 2018 film it is great for a laugh. However, one of the drawbacks is that there is a bit of language in it (use of the F-word a few times). As long as you are OK with that, though, it is fine.

Another thing is the film, released in May, is rated TV-14 so I would recommend it only to older teens. The movie is adapted from the young adult novel “The Kissing Booth” by Beth Reekles

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Elle has a lot of sass, as does Lee, which adds up to a good laugh. Noah is funny, too, as he is protective of Elle and gets into lots of trouble because of her.

I loved the relationship Elle and Lee had. If I had a guy best friend, I would want him to be just like Lee.

The movie has many sweet moments, and romantic ones as well. I think the cutest part is the height difference between Elle and her love interest. It is also sweet the way he looks at her.

All in all, “The Kissing Booth” — although not realistic to normal high school kids — is a cute, funny movie for this summer about the hardships of liking your best friend’s brother.

Emma Wiser is a junior at Fremont High School. Email her at



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