At only 14 years old, Harlee Stokes has accomplished and set goals that many her age haven’t even thought about. A motivated and driven young woman, Harlee isn’t satisfied with less than her best in everything she is involved in and makes sure that she gives her absolute best to herself and to those who look up to and count on her. Life for Harlee, like most of her peers, has been filled with setbacks and trials, but she is determined to only focus on the positive aspects of her life and knows that when she does so, those aspects will only grow, while the negative diminishes. Harlee understands the importance of adding variety to her life, so she makes sure to keep her interests well-rounded and meaningful.

Just starting her 8th grade year this year, Harlee already understands the importance of setting goals early and working hard to achieve those goals. Currently, her favorite school subject is her Skills for Success class, where she gets to learn about a variety of careers and steps to take in pursuing those career paths. As she has researched many career options, Harlee has set her sights on a veterinarian career. With this goal in mind, she is already start

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