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Shianne Lowe knows how important it is to try hard and never give up on your dreams. On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Shianne Lowe was named Miss Rodeo Ogden. But this wasn’t her first rodeo. She has been involved in the rodeo scene her entire life and had competed for the title of Miss Rodeo Ogden five times before being named the new queen last spring.

“My mom (Lindy) and dad (Dav- ey) were both professional rodeo athletes. My dad was a bareback rider and my mom was a barrel racer,” she said, laughing softly. “And they always wanted to have a little girl that they would name Shi- anne (pronounced like Cheyanne) because that was a rodeo name.” Lowe started competing in pageants when she was just five years old, winning her first title at Hooper City’s Little Miss Tomato Days. From there her parents put her in rodeos where she found her love of rodeo queening.

“We’ve had to give up a lot of sacrifices. Growing up my family has always had livestock and live- stock requires a lot of work,” said the 24-year-old West Haven resi- dent. “I remember asking my mom why we couldn’t go to Disneyland like all my other friends. She would tell me that every time we leave the driveway with the truck and trailer it’s like going to Disneyland because it’s really expensive. Now that I’m older I kind of laugh at that, because I understand.”

Over the years, she’s learned a lot about hard work and perseverance because in rodeo you don’t win and that’s one of the best life lessons she’s learned from it.

“We prepare and try our hardest and sometimes it doesn’t work out, we don’t have the best of luck. But one thing about the rodeo, there’s always another one,” she said. “I actually wasn’t going to compete again after winning first runner up my fourth year because it was very hard emotionally, physically, mentally. I had to think about it real hard.”

When she decided to try one more time, that perseverance paid off and she was the new Miss Ro- deo Ogden. As Miss Rodeo Ogden, Lowe feels so fortunate to represent the Ogden Community. She’s also involved with The Boys and Girls Club and the Utah Suicide Preven- tion Program and she presents at elementary schools about never giving up on your dreams.

And sometimes the glittery boots, cowboy hat and colored jeans are put away, so Lowe can study and make some money. She is a full-time student at Weber State University, studying professional sales and marketing and is a cosme- tologist at Textures Salon. Though she doesn’t know what’s next for her, she’s holding on tight to every moment life gives her.

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