Written by Elizabeth La Madeleine

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Staff Member

As summer blossoms and the weather warms, people are venturing outside more and more. Perhaps you were able to take advantage of the enforced down time to enjoy a renewed sense of wonder and delight in the natural world around you. There were reports of clearer skies and cleaner waters as humans hunkered down across the planet. Obviously, maintaining a sustainable ecosystem does not mean we all become hermits, but perhaps we can learn something from the stark visual of just how much we impact the world around us. Times have been tough, and with the immediate threat of lost jobs and a serious pandemic, it’s easy to lose sight of what may seem like more distant problems. We are so intimately connected with the world around us, we must not forget that the decisions we make today determine our future tomorrow.

Like so many nonprofits, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah has seen a drop in donations, and we are not able to accept new volunteers during our busy baby season. Even if you don’t have money to give, you can still make a huge difference by being aware of the lives around you. Refrain from trimming trees and bushes until fall, plug all openings into your home, and always call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator before taking action, if you find an animal that may need assistance.

The staff at WRC are taking extra precautions to keep our volunteers and those bringing animals into us safe. Our museum is currently closed, but we are still taking patients. Please call in advance to preregister, before entering our building. Please help us stay safe, so that we can continue to serve our community and the wildlife with whom we share our world.

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