We are starting to feel that cooler weather set in. After a hot summer I always look forward to the fall weather. Now is when we start to bring out our fall and winter jackets. For many of us it’s time to get a new cold weather jacket or coat and we are so fortunate to have many choices out there!

There are different fabrics such as canvas, wool, nylon, down fill, leather and oilskin. Probably the most common jackets will be the canvas jacket. They are definitely made for working outdoors with the toughness and durability that they have. Some are a little more lightweight than others so check the weight if you’re ordering online. Obviously the thicker weight canvas is going to be tougher and last longer but you may want something a little more lightweight which I find is easier for people who can’t tolerate the heaviness or stiffness. The best thing to do is try them on. Your thicker canvas may be tougher but harder to move in. Keep in mind that you may want to have them a little bigger if you like to wear a hoodie, wool or down vest underneath for additional warmth or you may want to layer for those days that it gets warmer. This is true with all the Jackets. There are so many choices from companies such as Carhartt, Powder River, Wyoming Traders, STS Ranchwear, Outback Trading Company, Schaefer Outfitters, Miller Ranch and Dri-Duck. All of these are at different price points too so that may factor into your choice.

For companies that carry wool coats I like Wyoming Traders, Schaefer Outfitters, Filson and Powder River. I really like the warmth that a wool jacket provides. There is nothing like it (except maybe fur but that’s not something you’ll wear on a daily basis). The oilskin dusters are really great if you’re in a region with a lot of brush as you wont get snagged as easily. They provide a great wind break but can be heavy. I still love the looks of them as I have since The Man From Snowy River came out way back when! You’ll find these from Outback Trading Company and Wyoming Traders have a nice selection as well.. There are many companies that have down fill and nylon fabrics. So many western brands carry these now and they have definitely become a large part of the western outerwear industry. When shopping for a new jacket or coat I still prefer a western look. You just can’t beat it!

For all the styles of jackets and coats I’ve mentioned you can easily look them up online and don’t forget to check your local stores for some great choices such as Cal-Ranch, Smith & Edwards, IFA, Reams and Boot Barn.

As always if you need help finding any of these feel free to e-mail me! Christmas is coming soon and a new Jacket or coat is always a great gift! This Months give away will be a Silk Wild rag of your choice to go with your favorite jacket or coat. Just e-mail me at RockinHH@gmail.com! Tell me your favorite jacket! Till next time, happy trails!

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