Written by Lacie Koford

Western Wasatch Contributor

Ty and Gary Grant are close brothers who have been partners for 5 years, and the last year in the Junior High Rodeo Association. Team roping together has created an avenue for both brothers to build a strong relationship with each other while honing their skills in something they both love. Although their focus right now is primarily on their partnership in team roping, both brothers have developed skills and found success in individual arenas as well.

Living on a small ranch has created many opportunities for the brothers to practice and better their skills. They both stated that they chose to partner up together because of the ease of coordinating practice time, the fun they experience together, and the fact that they get along so well. Ty and Gary are only 14 months apart, with Ty being 12 and Gary 13. They have participated in many rodeos and competitions together and won many prizes, but most recently they competed in the Intermountain Icebreaker, held in Ogden, the first week of March. They managed to take 3rd place in the short go round at that competition, and both received a buckle to add to their collection. Both brothers said that this is one of their favorite rodeos to participate in because of the amount and variety of participants, which gives them more competition, and because of the quality of prizes up for grabs. Looking to the future, Ty and Gary are excited to continue to enhance their partnership in skill and ability as they only have one more season in the Utah Youth Rodeo Association to compete together. Gary will be moving on to the High School Rodeo Association next year, so enjoying these last experiences together is important to both boys and their parents. One such experience they both enjoyed was attending the rescheduled junior high state finals in Hurricane, UT the middle of June.

Individually both brothers excel in different areas of their lives. This individuality is truly what helps them excel together, while still recognizing their individual talents and skills. Ty loves to practice and compete individually in breakaway and ribbon roping and is excited to start calf roping soon. True to his western lifestyle, one of Ty’s favorite hobbies outside of competing is ranching. He likes to help his family with building fences, branding calves, and taking care of the animals. He will be in seventh grade next year and is excited to gain more experience in junior high but is also nervous about the changes it brings and the added workload. He is capable though, because he’s been able to manage keeping up with his schoolwork and grades, while making time for hobbies and interests outside of school.

Gary has been able to find his individuality in events that he likes and excels at as well. He loves to practice and compete in calf roping, ribbon roping, and shoot dogging. Going into ninth grade next year, Gary is excited to share at least one year with Ty in junior high but is looking forward to the opportunities that will come, especially with his advancement to the High School Rodeo Association. When he’s not competing or honing his rodeo skills, Gary loves to play basketball with friends at church and at home and go hunting and fishing. He’s also a very hardworking and motivated student at school and manages his time well enough to succeed in school and in his interests outside of school.

One of Gary’s favorite accomplishments in competing, happened just this May when he entered his first ever team roping jackpot with a new partner. They did so well, that both won a saddle, Gary’s first. He recalls this experience with excitement saying that he could barely talk because of the intense excitement he felt.

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