Written by Lacie Koford

Western Wasatch Contributor

At only 9 years old, Bailey Douglas has already experienced the thrill of winning multiple competitions and titles in her budding rodeo career. Beginning at only 18 months old, she began riding, and entered her first rodeo at the age of 3. At this young of an age, it’s no surprise that she had a few bumps, falls, and bruises along the way, but what sets Bailey apart at her young age is the fact that she continues to get back on her horse, no matter what may seem to get in her way. There were times when she first began riding that she was too small to even reach the stir-ups but figured out how to ride with her knees tucked up beneath her to accomplish the task. Bailey is a little girl filled with determination and dedication and who isn’t afraid to get a little dirt on her boots.

In 2019, Bailey won her first saddle at the Manila Series Rodeo by Flaming Gorge for being the Pee Wee All-Around Champion. She also went on to win the Year-End All-Around Girls title at the UYRA Ogden series for 6-8 year olds, winning her another saddle. She’s particularly excited for this most recent saddle win because she gets to personally design it. Another favorite accomplishment was when she was able to team rope with her father at a junior rodeo last summer. They won the team roping title, beating out her 11-year-old brother, a win she was particularly proud of.

One of Bailey’s favorite associations to compete with is the Utah Fifth and under Rodeo Association. This series is comprised of mostly children from Utah, with a few coming from Idaho, and all in 5th grade or under. The series will begin at the end of August and go through March of 2021. Bailey gets the chance to team rope with her father again in this series and it is a truly special experience for both. Her father has roped for quite a few years, so to be able to pass that passion on to his daughter is something he’s very proud of. Last year when she competed, she was the only girl header that made it to the top 10 in team roping, and hopes to continue the unique prestige that goes along with that this year. Her goals for this series are to win the year end breakaway champion title and team roping header champion title. Along with these wins, she hopes to win another saddle to add to her collection.

As Bailey grows and continues to set new goals for her future, she hopes to become a large animal veterinarian one day, specifically working with horses. She knows that in order to accomplish this lofty goal, she needs to work hard in school, in her rodeo career, and continue to learn all that she can about the animals she’s blessed to be surrounded with. At the Douglas home in Round Valley at the south end of Bear Lake, a variety of animals is no surprise. The family has cows, horses, goats, sheep, cats, and dogs, and jokingly calls it their “funny farm”.

When Bailey isn’t in the area competing, she can often be found at home with her animals in the barn or riding her horses. She also loves to go snow skiing, play basketball, and is excited to enter the 4th grade for the 2020-2021 school year. Being so close to the lake, she does enjoy taking in the many water activities, specifically taking her pony to the lake and riding her in the shallow waters. Even though her major focus is on improving her skills in rodeo, she does make time to do well in her studies at school. She excels in art, math, and social studies, getting good grades all around. Raised by parents who stress the importance of getting a good education will continue to further Bailey in all the goals she sets and accomplishes, whether they be in the arena, school, or in her future career.

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