Race and horse Sami prepare for a rodeo

Race and horse Sami prepare for a rodeo

At only 12 years old, Race Martini has already begun to make a name for himself and develop a love for rodeo. Living in Weber County, he has already received several awards and experienced some memorable events that are sure to shape the future cowboy he is bound to become.

Race, true to his name, is always on the go when it comes to rodeos, events, sports, and school involvement. Looking forward to entering the seventh grade for the 2020-2021 school year, he excels as a student. Spending time being successful in school is a top priority for Race and his parents. He is looking forward to being able to take Spanish for the first time next year and have more variety of choice when it comes to classes that will be available to him. Like most other incoming seventh graders, he is a little nervous for the change of schools, namely having more than one teacher, getting to class on time, and making sure he can still continue to balance his involvement in rodeo with his school requirements. One reason why education is so important for Race is because he has already started making plans to become a commercial airline pilot when he grows up. He has already mapped out how long it will take for his education, where he will attend, and how much money it will cost. In the last year he has developed a passion towards becoming a pilot because of the influence of his sixth-grade teacher Jennifer Nielsen at West Weber Elementary, and her husband Justin Nielsen, who is also a pilot. Right now, Race and his parents are working with Justin on proper paperwork for him to be able to experience flying with Dustin. Race is undoubtedly excited for this future opportunity to make sure his plans are what he really wants to do.

On the top of his list of exciting changes in the next year is his ability to move on to the Junior High Rodeo division. This new advancement will provide more opportunity for Race to compete, learn more about his favorite events, and travel all over Utah. Officially jumping into the world of rodeo when he was only four years old, Race has had 8 years to experience many different events and decide which ones are his favorites. Following the path that most young beginners take, he started out with dummy roping, stick horse barrels, and goat tying, but in no time, Race was participating in breakaway and team roping, with team roping proving to be his favorite event so far. Race particularly loves team roping because it’s one of the only events where he gets to compete with a friend. He really likes building that sense of commonality and teamwork with one of his close friends. He’s been able to compete with many close friends as teammates, but Race is looking forward to starting to practice with and compete with Parley Parker as they prepare for team roping events in the near future.

Darla and Jumby have been the two horses that Race has been working with most recently. Darla has been Race’s horse for a couple of years, and Jumby, short for Jambalaya, is a newly acquired horse. Darla has been his go-to because of her training, while Jumby is currently in the middle of his training. Race looks forward to soon being able to rotate back and forth between the two for all his events. Many years and memories are sure to be had with both horses and Race, hopefully building a strong bond along the way.

Race recalls fond memories of learning to rope from many members of his family. His Uncle Stetson and Grandpa Boyd have helped him tremendously by teaching him how to rope and always finding the time to practice with him. Race also recalls the experiences he has had while roping with his Great Grandpa Karl. With great grandpa living in Boise, it doesn’t make it easy for the two to rope together as often as they’d both like, but when they do have the chance, the memories being built are special and priceless. Race says that great grandpa is quite the guy to learn from and can definitely hold his own. Passing down a wholesome passion from one generation to another is great for family unity and support.

In looking towards the future, Race has many goals that he’d like to accomplish in rodeo and outside of rodeo. Some of those include continuing to hone his skills as a roper and soon being able to win a saddle. He’d also like to attend and compete in a jackpot as his skills improve. Outside of rodeo, he looks forward to continuing to be a good student, earning good grades, serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when he’s 18, and attending college, earning his degree as a pilot.

With so much already accomplished in his short life, one of Race’s favorite memories in the past couple years was being chosen to carry a flag for the Ogden Pioneer Days rodeo in 2018 for the opening ceremonies, recognizing the honor that it was to be given this experience. Being recognized with such an honor is a sign that Race has what it takes to continue his successful career in rodeo and outside rodeo in his personal life. Given the platform of being able to influence others, Race will continue to be an example to those around him.

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