Are you one of those mother-child pairs that’s always told you look alike? Well, here’s your chance to cash in on those shared genes.

As Mother’s Day 2019 approaches, we’re inviting moms and kids who look exactly alike to enter our annual Mother-Child Look-alike Contest. The winning pair will receiving a prize from Timeless Medical Spa and Weight Loss that’s worth $680.

In addition to the prize, the winner’s picture — as well as those of several runners-up — will appear in the paper on Mother’s Day.

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To enter the contest, use the form below to submit a photo of you and your mom or child. Photo submissions will be accepted until noon Saturday, April 20.

As soon as the submission period ends, Standard-Examiner readers can vote for the mother-child pair they think looks the most alike on this page until midnight Tuesday, May 7.

All photos submitted to the contest have to be approved by the Standard-Examiner’s staff, so they may take a little time to show up in the form below. Each person can only submit one photo and vote once per day.