One of my favorite inherent things about photography is when something is photographed the viewer gets to see what someone else sees. Because of photography, people are able to look at something in a way they may have never looked at it before. It quite literally shines light on a new perspective and as a photographer I am able to share these perspectives with others. Moments are witnessed, captured and preserved. We are able to revisit them at another point in time. That is a powerful notion. 

My time is up in the newsroom at the Standard-Examiner and it has been a pleasure to share what I see with this community. Ogden, Weber County and Northern Utah are wonderful and beautiful places to tell stories. I will forever cherish my time here. Thank you for letting me and my camera into your lives; I am grateful for these moments. Here is a look back at some of the more memorable moments as a photojournalist for the Standard-Examiner. 

— Ben Dorger

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