Mexico Violence

A Mexican navy marine guards the road that leads to the site where an alleged clandestine mass grave was found near the city of Iguala, Mexico, Saturday Oct. 4, 2014. Mexican officials said a clandestine grave holding an undetermined number of bodies was found outside a town where violence last weekend resulted in six deaths and the disappearance of 43 students. (AP Photo/Alejandrino Gonzalez)

A mass grave with multiple burial pits was discovered Saturday on the outskirts of Mexican city Iguala. 

Over 40 bodies are believed to be those of students who went missing a week ago after a protest over students’ rights. 

The BBC has reported that “The group had traveled to the state of Guerrero where police opened fire, killing six people.

Twenty-two police officers are being held in connection with the shooting.

Witnesses said that most of the survivors, all trainee teachers, were then bundled into police vans before disappearing.

There was very little coverage when the protesters disappeared on September 27 but reports have more recently claimed the some of the students were tortured.

“Relatives of the missing students had started their own search, knocking on doors and handing out pictures of their loved ones,” the BBC reported.

"The students disappeared last weekend after police in the city of Iguala killed six people when they fired on the students, who had hijacked local buses. Among the dead were three students and a high school soccer player.

"Thirty people, including 22 municipal police officers, had so far been detained in the case, officials said. Meanwhile, Iguala's mayor and police chief, who are wanted for questioning, appear to have gone into hiding, officials said.

"The killings and disappearances in Iguala underscore Mexico's continuing inability to clean up corrupt local police forces which officials acknowledge in many areas are in league with the nation's powerful organized crime groups."

At least 15 charred bodies have now been retrieved and authorities are testing them for the students’ DNA.

Iguala is in the Mexican state of Guerrero which lies 120 miles south of Mexico City. 

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