gunshot Cheerleader


UNITED KINGDOM - A British supermarket chain is under fire for 'Halloween Cheerleader' and 'Halloween American Footballer' costumes which are designed to look bullet-ridden and splattered with blood.

Asda which retails food, clothing, general merchandise, toys and financial services will sound familiar - they’re a subsidiary company of Walmart - but that doesn’t mean they have the same taste.

The costumes have caused an uproar, according to the Telegraph UK. “One customer, Sheila Pinney, started an online petition platform to have the outfits removed. She also wrote to Asda’s CEO Andy Clarke asking for the costumes to be withdrawn from stores immediately.“

Some would agree this is taking it too far while others ask what is Halloween without fake blood?  

The American Halloween experience has taken the world by storm, particularly in the last five years, in the UK, parts of Europe, and Australia.

Bobbing for apples was the extent of the celebration in many other countries until more recently but bobbing your head into a bucket of water one at a time has been deemed unhygienic.... well, in some places. 

No surprise that the costume retails for 8 GBP - that’s under $13 USD but for now it seems to have been removed from online purchasing. 

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