Hong Kong Democracy Protest-9

Riot police use pepper spray against protesters after thousands of people block the main road to the financial Central district outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. Hong Kong activists kicked off a long-threatened mass civil disobedience protest Sunday to challenge Beijing over restrictions on voting reforms, escalating the battle for democracy in the former British colony after police arrested dozens of student demonstrators. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

HONG KONG — Thousands of young pro-democracy protesters gathered in the financial district of Hong Kong Sunday in what is reported to be an “illegal” demonstration.

The BBC UK has reported that “dozens of demonstrators were arrested, while hundreds remained in the city center late on Sunday.”

Chinese police have been using pepper spray and tear gas in an effort to push the protesters away while umbrellas and face masks were donned by the protesters to defend themselves.

Some students and activists even felt the need to surrender as police approached.

Human Rights groups are keeping up with developments via social media in a movement that is now known as #occupycentral.

The pro-democracy movement is trying to scrap the Chinese government’s rule allowing the vetting of Hong Kong's top leader in the 2017 poll. But the autocratic and repressive government is doing whatever it can to keep protestors quiet.

Supporters of democracy for China are scattered all over the world and their efforts are underway, including this petition lodged with the White House to prevent a second Tiananmen Square massacre in Hong Kong. .   

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