Mexico Violence

A Mexican navy marine guards the road that leads to the site where an alleged clandestine mass grave was found near the city of Iguala, Mexico, Saturday Oct. 4, 2014. Mexican officials said a clandestine grave holding an undetermined number of bodies was found outside a town where violence last weekend resulted in six deaths and the disappearance of 43 students. (AP Photo/Alejandrino Gonzalez)

MEXICO CITY — Thousands of people marched in Mexico’s capital on Tuesday protesting corruption in the state of Guerrero after more mass graves are discovered.

According to America.Aljazeera “Federal authorities came upon a new location, in the town of Cocula, based on statements from four members of the Guerreros Unidos gang who were arrested early Monday.

This was ”according to a government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.“

On September 26, police in the city of Iguala killed six people when they fired on dozens of students who had hijacked local buses. Among the dead were three students and a high school soccer player.

The body of one student was later found with his face skinned and eyes gouged out, the New Yorker reported, "the signature of a Mexican organized-crime assassination."

The students were demonstrating against the local government for hiring discrimination and soliciting funds. Forty-three students were bundled into police vehicles and have not been seen since. 

Ten days later six mass graves were discovered and almost 40 bodies exhumed but after analysis of these corpses, they were not the missing students. 

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