Dairy farming is tough business. The work is arduous, the hours are long (sometimes unending) and the market pressures are intense. Even in the face of these challenges, dairy farmers are generally optimistic and hopeful about the future. And they care deeply about their families, their animals and the world around them.

Dairy farmers in Idaho and Utah have a long history of supporting each other and their local communities. Together, they work with local and global partners to ensure that dairy foods and the valuable protein contained therein are available to populations around the world. Those common goals are what bring the dairy farmers in each state together in a new partnership called Dairy West.

Dairy West is a regional dairy promotion organization established last year to represent dairy farmers, processors and supply chain partners in Idaho and Utah. A Qualified Program regulated by the USDA National Dairy Promotion & Research Board, the 501(c)(6) organization raises awareness of the importance of dairy farming, promotes the health and nutritional benefits of dairy foods and encourages global demand for Idaho and Western U.S. dairy foods through coordinated marketing and communications efforts, nutrition counseling and research programs.

In Idaho, people are likely familiar with the legacy of the United Dairymen of Idaho. And in Utah the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada has an enduring and impactful reputation. Both organizations work hard to ensure school meals are nutritious and readily available, and they share a commitment to fueling athletes with chocolate milk — all the while helping connect consumers to where their food comes from.

Under the Dairy West brand, our new collaboration between the United Dairymen of Idaho and the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada will work together to achieve these goals. As a result, consumers, communities and partners throughout Idaho and Utah can continue to expect to see the highest level of support on behalf of our hard-working dairy-farm families.

Idaho is the fourth-largest dairy-producing state in the country and much of the state’s milk is made into products that are shipped beyond its borders and even outside the U.S. For Utah, fast-growing population centers are well positioned for the kind of nutrition, sales and trust work done by the dairy promotion programs.

Dairy West will continue to be led by a board of dairy-farm leaders throughout the region and by the highly talented staff that our farmer investors have come to expect.

Please visit DairyWest.com for more details.

Karianne Fallow is CEO of Dairy West, a regional dairy promotion organization established in 2017 to represent dairy farmers, processors and supply chain partners in Idaho and Utah.


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