Ogden River Inn

Ogden River Inn shown on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. Mountain America Credit Union plans to redevelop the site and tear down the old motel.

OGDEN — A decaying old motel property immediately north of the Ogden River on Washington Boulevard is set to get a major overhaul.

The Ogden City Council is considering a proposal that would rezone a parcel of property at 1825 Washington Blvd., allowing for the development and construction of a new Mountain America Credit Union building.

The site is currently home to the remaining portions of the Ogden River Inn. A swimming pool and the neighboring River Cafe were demolished in the area in 2016.

A petition submitted to the city by MACU says the plan is to demolish the motel and move an existing billboard on site a block north. The proposed rezone would allow for the use of a drive-through window and would expand parking limitations on the site from 15 to 30 stalls. A conditional overlay stipulation makes those changes permissible for only a credit union or bank.

Owned for years by Michael Moyal, the property has long been a troubled corner for Ogden City, which has viewed the property as an impediment to redevelopment.

"The present motel does not give a positive image for new development," reads a letter from the city's Community and Economic Development office that was sent to the council.

Moyal and the city previously discussed potential renovation ideas for the property, with the latter submitting conceptual plans for a riverside development called the "Ogden Riviera." That development was to include restaurants, retail shops and office space, but a back and forth between the two parties that included disagreements about design standards, ultimately killed the proposal.

After failing to come to an agreement with the city, Moyal publicly expressed his desire to sell the property.

As new owner of the corner, MACU will redevelop in way that "enhances and retains public open space and access along the Ogden River," according to city council documents.

The credit union will be built with a "modern architectural style" featuring stone, wood and metal accents that reflect the "theme of the Ogden River," according to council documents.

MACU will required to keep freestanding signage no taller than the height of their building and must create a green hedge along the western property line to buffer views for properties to the west.

At an Ogden City Council work session in August, Deputy Director of Community and Economic Development Brandon Cooper said after investing heavily in the downtown area over the past several years, the city's next area of redevelopment focus will be directed toward the blocks between 18th and 12th streets.

"Those are areas that have really been neglected and are going to need our focus in the next few years," Cooper said.

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How about a park site and trees......


If I may also add..Ogdes tearing down 'Everything"....now we have even more 'Empty' space.



As much as I have to agree that the Ogden River Inn needs to go due to obvious reasons, I have to agree with other commentors that a CU and accompanying parking lot right along what could be a beautiful river space is sad. I like the Rivera idea and its too bad it couldn't get off the ground. I believe there are much better uses for this prime real estate.


Seriously? Another giant parking lot and a credit union? 2 blocks away from an identical building? Why are we wasting prime, riverfront property on parking lots and banks? Look at the vibrancy that Slackwater and Bingham's Cyclery bring to the other side of the river: tons of visitors, pedestrians, bikes...all the things the City claims we are trying to support as a community. Moyals' vision for the property may have been a bit too grandiose, but do we have to abandon all hope and get stuck with a credit union on prime riverfront property? As a former member of the Ogden Planning Commission, this is exactly the kind of situation we tried to avoid: creating a dead-space in the middle of an area that is slowly rejuvenating with new houses, new energy and hope. Ogden, please show a little more imagination. (don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with credit unions....just this location).


Okay..there is an Am First two blocks south???

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