OGDEN — Jacquie King and about a dozen other women took turns pouring bags of rolled oats into large metal vats in the back of Roosters B Street Brewery and Taproom Friday morning.

Later in the day, the mash they were creating would go through several phases involving hops, yeast and the addition of a little hibiscus to turn the end result pink after spending a couple of weeks in a fermenting tank.

King, the head brewer at Roosters 25th Street location, was making the pink brew with other female beermakers from across Utah.

“It’s a very good industry to be in,” she said. “You work a lot of long hours but it makes it worth it.”

The On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Boots Cold Session IPA, named in reference to the oft-quoted 2004 movie “Mean Girls,” will be sold from bars and stores across the state until it’s gone. Proceeds go to the Utah chapter of the Pink Boots Society.

Nicole Dicou, the executive director of the Utah Brewers Guild, said the Pink Boots Society is a group where female beer brewers can come together to network and learn in a field commonly occupied by men.

“I love the camaraderie of the women here who are supporting each other in a really male-dominated industry,” she said. “It’s good to have diversity and talk about issues that impact women.”

This is the second year the women gathered to brew on International Women’s Day, March 8. Last year they met at Rooster’s 25th Street location, which is much smaller.

King developed the recipe while Lauren Lerch, of Uintah Brewing, helped pick the hops blend at a Pink Boots meeting in Denver around the time of the Great American Beer Festival.

Lerch said it’s exciting to brew in the new B Street location, which opened to the public in December 2018.

“Women haven’t been really that welcome in the brewing industry for very long which makes this day really great,” Lerch said.

Rebecca Link, of Proper Brewing Co., said Pink Boots members across the country used the same hops blend to brew on International Women’s Day, but the resulting beer can vary widely depending on other parts of the brewing process.

“There are a lot of different styles of Pink Boots beers being brewed this week,” she said.

Link said Utah’s brew will get a lot of its flavor from the barley and oats used to make the mash. Each woman there representing a brewery will get kegs to take back and serve on draft as well.

“It’s kind of neat, having a guest tab of something at that somebody at that brewery had a hand in making,” she said.

Steve Kirkland, the head brewer at the B Street brewery, was on site Friday. He said the hops they’re using will make the We Wear Pink Boots beer unique, especially because they’re adding most of them solely during the fermenting process as opposed to earlier.

“That should give it a super floral character without much bitterness,” he said.

The On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Boots Cold Session IPA will also have a pink label designed by Kirkland’s 11-year-old daughter Lily. It features cartoons of three female brewers including King in — what else — pink boots.


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