ROY — In a city like Roy, hemmed in on all sides by other locales, luring new businesses and spurring growth can be challenging.

The geography can create unique challenges, anyway. In contrast to the cities on the open western fringes of Weber County’s population cluster, there aren’t as many open spaces for development.

Even so, business growth is a priority among Roy leaders, and development is coming. Intermountain Healthcare will be rebuilding and expanding its clinic in the city, more town homes are coming and a mixed-use development is in the works off Midland Drive in northern Roy, which would give life to a space that has long sat vacant.

“We are so excited to be filling commercial vacancies and creating new construction,” said Roy City Councilman Bryon Saxton. The town homes in the proposed Midland Square mixed-use development in the 4000 block of Midland Drive — costing perhaps $20 million, he said — will generate around $260,000 in property tax revenue over five years. That, Saxton said, represents “a major shot in the arm for the Roy tax base.”

Mayor Bob Dandoy noted a town home development now taking shape in a former orchard off the west side of 1900 West, south of 4400 South. Together with the 78 town homes planned for the Midland Square proposal, they’ll bring around 140 new units to Roy. The town homes in the 1900 South development are meant to be rental units while the Midland Square town homes are to be owner-occupied, ranging in cost from the $200,000-plus range to $300,000-plus.

“There are a lot of people, younger people, who don’t want to be in half-acre lots, do all the mowing,” Dandoy said.

Beyond those developments, a new assisted-living facility is taking shape as well as a new Burger King and a new Kidz Town preschool and childcare center.


The Midland Square expansion, which narrowly received the green light from city officials last May, is perhaps the most ambitious proposal currently contemplated in the city. Pleasant Grove-based All American Development is handling the development, an expansion to the rear of an existing 42,000-square foot commercial development fronting Midland Drive that includes a McDonald’s restaurant and O’Reilly Auto Parts outlet.

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Midland Square Roy

An image from All American Development's planned Midland Square development on the southeast corner of Midland Drive and 4000 South in Roy. The Pleasant Grove-based firm proposes commercial development and town homes behind an existing commercial cluster along Midland Drive.

The 78-unit town home development would sit furthest back on the Midland Square parcel, which measures nearly 20 acres in all and sits on the southeast corner of Midland Drive and 4000 South. Between that and the existing cluster of commercial buildings would sit another commercial cluster containing more than 50,000 square feet of space.

John Heiner, one of the All American principals, said plans at the site are still in the preliminary stages and offered no timeline for a groundbreaking. That said, he’s “very hopeful,” he said.

Steve Parkinson, the Roy city planner, said the town homes are the first phase of the next stage of Midland Square plans. The “minute details” of the proposal are being addressed before work moves ahead, he said.


The Intermountain Healthcare facility in Roy, now called the Herefordshire Clinic, is to be replaced by a new clinic that’ll be built on land surrounding the existing one.

The new facility will be more than double the size of the existing one, 34,000 square feet versus 15,000 square feet, and it’ll get a new name, Intermountain Roy Clinic. New specialized medical services will be added, including obstetrics, orthopedics, podiatry and physical therapy, according to Intermountain spokesman Brad Gillman.

Construction should start in January, Gillman said, and be done by the summer of 2020, though some services will transfer to the new building earlier. The existing clinic is to be torn down when the new one, catering to the growing population in the area, is finished.

In contrast to a place like West Haven, adjacent to unincorporated Weber County and a lot of developable open space, development in a locale like Roy, largely built out and bumping cities on all sides, takes on a different look. Old buildings will have to make way for new ones, Parkinson said, and growth will be on vacant parcels scattered around the city that haven’t yet caught the eye of developers.

“Most of ours is going to be redevelopment and development of difficult properties,” he said.

That doesn’t mean development is impossible or necessarily even tougher than in more wide-open places. In some ways it can be easier in a developed place like Roy because infrastructure like roads and sewers are largely in place.

Here’s more on other developments in Roy:

The Sunridge Assisted Living facility is taking shape at 3650 West 5600 South. It’ll have 68 units in all and is to open in March 2019, according to the facility’s website.

The Kidz Town is taking shape at 5682 S. 2050 West and should open next spring, according to the locale’s website.

Burger King will be coming in across the street from Harmons Grocery in Roy, according to Parkinson.

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