WASHINGTON TERRACE — Until this year, Bonneville High School’s graduation gowns came in two colors — mustard-yellow for the girls and royal blue for the boys.

The Class of 2018, however, broke tradition as all 408 graduates donned blue gowns at Monday’s ceremony.

Larry Hadley, Bonneville High School principal, said he attended several college graduation ceremonies last year where students wore the same color gowns. He discussed the idea with several administrators before pitching it to the school’s community council and district’s supervisors.

“For Bonneville, it fits really well because we are the Lakers,” Hadley said. “It is a great sign of unity.”

He said he met with different female students to talk about the change — since they were the ones who were going to be affected by the decision to move from yellow gowns to blue ones — before a decision was made.

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The students at those focus groups, Hadley said, supported the change. He then presented the idea to the whole graduating class.

“When they started to applaud, we realized it was a good idea,” Hadley said.

Jade Weber graduated from Bonneville High School Tuesday. She said she supported having all graduates wear blue gowns.

“I’m glad they put us all in blue gowns so we would be equal,” Weber said.

She also said she didn’t like the previous color as it was “gross.” Weber was not the only student who disliked the previous gown.

Megan Hays, a graduating senior at the high school, said she was excited the school dropped the mustard-yellow gown since that color “made my hair look ugly.”

For other students, such as Alejandro Zamorano, the change was about unity. The class motto was also about unity: “Individually we are drops, together we are an ocean.”

“It’s a good option for everyone to wear blue. … It’s the first time in history,” Zamorano said. “I think it shows everyone here in Ogden and everyone here in Utah that we are a blue color in Bonneville.”

Lane Findlay, Weber School District spokesman, said the decision to move to drop the gender-divided graduation gowns came from the school.

The school district, however, is expecting to have more of these changes in the next couple of years, Findlay said. Students at Weber High School also wore the same color gowns this year.

“I think it’s the sign of the time,” Findlay said. “As we change, we adapt to those changes.”

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