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Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis will hold a weekly program called "Tell Your Story" this fall, teaching teens how to tell their life stories.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis will hold a weekly program called “Tell Your Story” this fall, starting in late September and continuing through November. The program will teach youth in grades 7-12 how to tell their life stories.

“We want the kids to be aware that their stories, they’re all unique,” said Melanie Clifford, curriculum arts specialist with Boys and Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis. “They’re in control of their stories — they can write them. (Sharing their stories) can be very cathartic and healing if that’s needed.”

There will be two locations for the program.

One will be held in Ogden from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m on Monday afternoons at Weber State’s Community Education Center, 2605 Monroe Blvd. The Ogden program starts Monday, Sept. 23.

The other program will be held in Roy at the Southwest Branch of the Weber County Library, 2039 W. 4000 South, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons, starting Wednesday, Sept. 25.

The program is free of charge and does not require youth to be members of Boys and Girls Clubs to participate, though they will need to fill out forms for program records.

Youth do not need to be residents of the cities where the programs are held in order to participate, Clifford said.

Participants can show up to the classes without registering, but it’s helpful if they email or call Melanie Clifford beforehand at or 801-627-2701, ext. 4.

Participants are also welcome to join later if they miss the first couple of classes, Clifford said.

The classes will be taught by professional writers.

By the end of the program, students will have written several stories about their lives and publicly present selections from them.

They will also make a video about their life stories and learn how to write personal essays for college applications, Clifford said.

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