OGDEN — All five sisters in the Laub family are studying at Weber State this year — and all five of them are preparing for careers in science and technology.

The Laub sisters ended up at Weber State at the same time through a combination of factors. Two of the sisters are twins, and one is enrolling in Weber State’s Early College program as a senior at Davis High School.

“My sisters are my best friends,” said Rachel Laub, 21, who is in her third year at Weber State studying computer science. “I have other friends in my life, but my sisters are definitely my best friends ... in high school, when you graduate, if your friends go to different colleges, that’s sad ... for me, all my best are now going to the same school as me, so I get to see them more.”

In addition to enjoying her time with her sisters and excelling in computer science — including two database and programming internships — Rachel has enjoyed her academic, leadership and social experiences at Weber State, which have been intertwined.

In her role as an admissions ambassador, she welcomed prospective and new students to campus. She also made friends with her fellow student leaders.

“I made a lot of friends ... that have become a part of me,” Rachel said. “Just having that connection with other students on campus was a big thing because I made so many friends and people that I absolutely love.”

Rachel said she had scholarships to other institutions, even a potentially better scholarship to the University of Utah, but she’s glad she chose Weber State. She likes the small class sizes and the hands-on approach of her program, compared to the theoretical approach of some other computer science programs.

Rachel’s influential experiences led her to be particularly effective at sharing Weber State with others, including her younger sisters — like her older sister, Abi, had done for her when she was considering where to go to college.

Abi, 23, has explored a variety of majors and is now studying geology at Weber State. She chose the school after attending a debate tournament on campus when she was in high school. She liked the campus, and a scholarship to Weber State sealed the deal in her decision to attend, according to a university press release.

However, her experience as a student is what kept her there.

“I feel like I’m at the best school in the state for my program,” she said in the release.

Abi and Rachel’s younger sisters Ariel and Ivie are twins, both starting their first year at Weber State this year.

Ariel is studying medical laboratory science with plans to become a physician’s assistant. Ivie is studying nursing and planning to become a nurse anesthetist.

Ariel credits counselors at Weber State for helping her find her major in medical laboratory sciences. She describes as the major as learning how to analyze and process body fluids. Ariel says the major isn’t well known, and she is glad she found it.

She says she enjoys driving to school with Rachel from their family’s home in Kaysville, and she feels the support from her sisters in her efforts in school.

“Being a twin with Ivie, we are in the same grade, I think we do help each other out,” Ariel said. “I think we motivate each other — like ‘yeah, you can do hard things.’”

Rachel, Ariel and Ivie said they credit this belief in their interest in science and their ability to do hard things to their parents, both of whom work in the sciences.

Their dad, Gregg, is an electrical engineer, and their mom, Julie, teaches chemistry at Davis High School.

The sisters even had their mom as a chemistry teacher. Ariel, Ivie and their youngest sister, Micah, who’s currently a senior in high school, took both their mom’s honors and AP chemistry courses.

After completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry and working for three years, their mom raised her five daughters full time for about 15 years. Then she went back to school to get her teaching credentials.

“(My mom) going back to school to be an AP and honors chemistry teacher when I was in fifth grade definitely influenced me to always want to be in a STEM field,” Ivie said. “My mom really pushed that ... she was like ‘you guys are gonna be smart, you’re going to do hard things.’

“...I always felt like I had a strong support system in math,” Ivie continued, referring to her parents. “I always felt like I had the confidence or ... the support behind it. I was like, ‘no, you are good at math, and you can do math, and even if you’re not good at it, guess what? You can sit down, and you can figure it out’ ... I was given the liberty to feel smart.”

The youngest Laub sister, Micah, attends Davis High School and is participating in Weber State’s Early College program. She’s planning to attend Weber State and study exercise science to eventually become a physical therapist.

“I’m excited to be getting a taste of college while I am still in high school,” she said in a university press release. “It’s been a great way to save money while working on my associate’s degree.”

Her sisters are glad to have her at Weber with them. Now that the semester has started, they are hitting the books together.

“I don’t have any of the same classes as my sisters,” Rachel said. “We all still live at home, though, and so the other night, all of us were sitting at the dining table doing our homework ... we aren’t studying the same things, but we’ll all study around each other.”

They’re taking advantage of the opportunities Weber has offered them.

“I feel so blessed to have the family that I have, and I feel very inspired to go to Weber and have all these opportunities, “ Ivie said. “All the doors have been opened to us ... and a huge part of it is the faculty and the staff at Weber and just how willing they are to go above and beyond.”

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