Davis School District Brianne Altice

Brianne Altice at her sentencing in July 2015. The Utah Court of Appeals ruled Nov. 30, 2017, that local school districts are immune from damages due to negligence in the hiring and supervision of teachers who have sex with students. Altice, now 38, is held at the Utah State Prison and has an April 2019 parole hearing scheduled.

SALT LAKE CITY — A former Davis High School teacher convicted of having sexual relationships with her students asked a federal judge Friday to dismiss a lawsuit against her and the Davis School District, according to court filings.

Brianne Land Altice, a 39-year-old former South Weber resident, sent a hand-written letter to the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City requesting that a civil suit be dropped.

She argues in her letter that she “did not breach any fiduciary duty,” according to the court filing. Altice, acting as her own attorney, says that even if there is a fiduciary duty between student and teacher, the duty is very low.

Altice goes on to say that any sexual contact detailed in the lawsuit happened after the school year was over and did not occur on Davis High School grounds.

She also requested that further proceedings in the case be handled by the Utah Attorney General’s Office, who has been representing the school district and Altice since the lawsuit was filed in 2015.

Altice was convicted on three counts of forcible sexual abuse, all second-degree felonies, in April 2015. Three months later, 2nd District Judge Thomas L. Kay sentenced Altice to three prison terms of 1 to 15 years. Her next parole hearing is scheduled for 2019.

The federal lawsuit was filed a few months later in December 2015, and claimed that school administrators “should have known of Ms. Altice’s improper relationships with minor children prior to her being offered a teaching position at Davis High School.”

In August, attorneys for the school district argued that administrators did not know about Brianne Altice’s sexual relationships with students until she was arrested, and they too requested the lawsuit to be dismissed.

A federal judge has yet to rule as to whether or not the lawsuit be dismissed.

Jacob Scholl is the Cops and Courts Reporter for the Standard-Examiner. Email him at jscholl@standard.net and follow him on Twitter at @Jacob_Scholl.

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Would we be having this discussion if it was a male Teacher and Some 17 year old girls? No You guys would be saying string him up. Fact the boys were 15 at the time and she continued to see one of them deep into her prosecution. That's why her bail was revoked and has been in custody ever since. Just like any male in this situation, she should serve her full sentence. Because you know, gender equality.

Chadd k

Fact is at 17 years of age no body was being forced,yes she was wrong but enough already


And another thought.If these boys were engaging in sexual activitys..how were they allowed to go on missions.Im not LDS but that seems odd to me.


Think about it......this is Utah!


Fact is shes a child sex abuser.this wasnt her first offence.a teacher!!!.Parent send their kids to school to learn.Not to be abused in anyway by anyone.does it make a difference when or where it happened?if this was a male teacher and a student male or female no one would be feeling bad about him being in jail.Let her go home?really???


A lot of bad guys around here get arrested and back on the street within hours! Brianne has been in jail too long..send her home with a ankle bracelet..but the bad guys don't have to wear them, and let her put her life back together...her professional career is gone!

Chadd k

I'd like to know how old were the boys ?


Hi school seniors, 17...and soon after went on their missions...!!!


HI school seniors..17.

Chadd k

So I think at 17 years of age they knew what they were doing, yes she was wrong .But she's done enough time.

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