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Brothers Korbyn McKnight, 8, (left) and Ryker McKnight, 14, are among students with near perfect attendance in the Ogden School District who are invited to attend a free baseball game with the Ogden Raptors at 6:30 p.m. Friday night, Aug. 2. Ogden School District students with top attendance last school year were invited to the game. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and students will be able to meet Raptor's players. The first 400 will receive a Raptor's baseball and those with 98 percent or better attendance will join the McKnight brothers in receiving a free foam finger. The Ogden Raptor's stadium is located at 2330 Lincoln Ave. in Ogden.

OGDEN — United Way has partnered with the Ogden School Foundation to support student attendance by featuring students in the Ogden School District for perfect attendance.

At 6:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, more than 1,770 elementary students will be featured at the Ogden School Foundation's "Night at the Raptors" baseball game. Those students have 98 percent or higher "perfect attendance" in Ogden School District.

Ryker McKnight, 14, and his brother Korbyn, 8, students at Mount Ogden Junior High and Wasatch Elementary, will be at the game. Ryker will be helping the Ogden Raptors as a bat boy and is excited about the opportunity to be in the dugout with the team.

The brothers know how important it is to go to class everyday and to be on time.

Ryker's favorite subject is engineering. His goal is to attend MIT and have a career in robotics design. "Being in class everyday is important," he said. "If I'm there I get to hear the entire lesson, and I learn more, plus I get to participate in class and be part of the lesson."

Korbyn wants to be an elementary teacher when he grows up and said he loves all the subjects, including math and science, and especially reading. He likes going to class because of all the fun and interesting projects he does each day. "This week, we already have a 'Me Museum' project where I have to bring three things, items around the house, that are about me," he said. "I'm excited to see what people bring and learn about them."

United Way is a sponsor for the baseball event and major advocate of Attendance Awareness Month.

Mitch McBride, United Way director of resource development, said the “Night at the Raptors” game is one of his favorite events of the year.

"We really enjoy being involved with Ogden School Foundation and all the great things they are doing,” he said. “We hand out big foam fingers and the event is a great way to meet parents and students in the community.”

Friday’s game is the second of a four-game series that is the Raptors’ final homestand of the season. The Raptors play at Lindquist Field, 2330 Lincoln Ave., Ogden.

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