FARMINGTON — Julie Tanner will have another shot to serve in the Davis School Board after being selected Tuesday as one of two candidates for the District 3 election. 

According to unofficial results, Tanner, the incumbent, and Susan Firmage were the two candidates with most votes in the District 3 primary election — Tanner received 41 percent of the votes and Firmage received 31 percent.

Beth McConkie Barber, the third candidate in the race, received about 28 percent.

Tanner was first elected to the board in 2015. She said she wants to keep giving teachers and parents a voice. 

“As far as going forward, I feel very strongly about continuing to expand input from parents and teachers and the community,” Tanner said. “And second, to focus on hiring and retaining quality teachers.”

Firmage, a retired teacher who worked for Provo School District and Davis School District, said she is ready for the November election, where she will face Tanner.

“I’ve been involved in the school district for 32 years and I’ve been a leader and a teacher,” Firmage said. “I want to continue to make it as great as it is.”

In the District 6 race, Marie Stevenson and Bonnie Bourgeous were the two candidates with the most votes. According to preliminary results, Stevenson received 57 percent and Bourgeous received 28 percent. Erin Blankenship, the third candidate, received 14 percent.

Stevenson, a retired teacher from the Davis School District, said she is looking forward to facing Bourgeous in the November election.

“it was a good campaign. It was positive; the people were good and kind,” Stevenson said. “We’ll start back up in September; We are moving on to the general and final election.”

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