Bighorn Sheep

Utah Department Wildlife Resources is seeking the input of residents of Northern Utah on its bighorn sheep plan for the region at a meeting on Sept. 4 in Brigham City.

Residents of Northern Utah can share their thoughts on the state plan to increase bighorn sheep in the region at a meeting that will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 4, at the Brigham City Community Center, 24 N. 300 West.

The public can also share input by contacting their regional representatives on Utah Department of Wildlife Resources’ Regional Advisory Council. Representatives’ contact information is available on DWR’s website at

DWR plans to increase the number of bighorn sheep on Antelope Island in Davis County from 0 to 125, according to a DWR press release.

After a disease outbreak among bighorn sheep on the island in November 2018, the remaining sheep were removed, the release said.

“There has been some struggle with our bighorn sheep populations recently because of respiratory disease,” said Jace Taylor, the bighorn sheep and mountain goat biologist for DWR, in the release. “Part of our objective is to expand bighorn sheep populations where possible and to maintain the overall population in a sustainable and healthy way across Utah to provide quality opportunities for wildlife viewing and hunting.”

DWR’s current plan to reintroduce bighorn sheep on the island begins in January 2020, when biologists will likely release 35 wild Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, with the goal that the population on the island will eventually increase to 125.

In Box Elder County, DWR plans to grow the population of bighorn sheep on Newfoundland Mountain from 310 to 350.

On Pilot Mountain, also in Box Elder County, the population of bighorn sheep will likely more than double under DWR’s proposed plan, from 60 to 125.

DWR’s statewide plan for bighorn sheep is available online at

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