Story by TIM VANDENACK • Standard-Examiner Staff

Sunset voters will eventually pick a new mayor.

But in primary balloting, which goes through Aug. 15, they’ll just trim the list of candidates to lead the city from three to two, making the final pick in Nov. 7 balloting. They’ll also whittle the list of five candidates running for two city council seats to four in the primary, with the final selections also coming in November.

Controversy has simmered in Sunset over the decision to get rid of the Sunset Fire Department and seek fire protection from the North Davis Fire District instead. It’s emerged as an issue for some candidates.

Mayor Beverly Macfarlane, meanwhile, isn’t seeking re-election, saying she plans to run in 2018 for a Davis County Commission seat. That sets the stage for a new leader to take over the reins of the city.


Mayoral Race

Michael Love

Michael Love is a candidate in Bountiful's mayoral race.


Age: 62
Occupation: Diesel mechanic
Previous elective offices: None

Focus as mayor: Keeping taxes low and rebuilding infrastructure. I'm fighting for the low-income people and others who live alone and are on fixed incomes. They can't afford any tax hikes. I'm for those who want to stay with the North Davis Fire District. There is no way we can go with our own fire department without hurting those who can least afford it. I've lived in this town for 30 years, and lately I've seen some things that are just plain wrong. I hope that I can mend some fences.



D. Howard Madsen

D. Howard Madsen is a candidate in Sunset's mayoral race.


Age: 66
Occupation: Retired Utah Highway Patrol sergeant
Previous elective offices: Mayor of Coalville, Utah, 2002-2006

Focus as mayor: Sunset has a disconnect between several groups of citizens and city officials. My goal would be to use my experience as a past mayor to unite the city. Every job I have had has required the ability to talk to several groups and make a sound decision using common sense and the information gathered. This experience was gained through my highway patrol work and my term as mayor. Sunset is full of good, hardworking people. They deserve leadership that will inform them and listen to the opinions of all. If elected, I would do my best to work with both the city council and the citizens.



Laura Penman

Laura Penman is a candidate in Sunset's mayoral race.


Age: 42
Occupation: Elementary school teacher
Previous elective offices: None

Focus as mayor: I am running for mayor of my wonderful city because our citizens deserve to be heard and respected. They deserve to have someone in office who will do that.

There are a few things that need to be changed. There are questions about the budget that need to be answered. Our council says that they are transparent. However, if they were, the citizens wouldn't have been in the dark about decisions that have been made for them. I'm running because I love my little community!

 City Council

Austin-Arlo Doyle

Austin-Arlo Doyle is a candidate in Sunset's City Council race.


Age: 40
Occupation: Health technician, inpatient psychiatry unit at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Salt Lake City
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: My main focus if elected to the City Council would be ensuring that I listen to the people. Currently, the feeling in the city is that they were not listened to when it came to the current council's decision regarding our fire department. If elected, I will do my best to actually represent the voice of the people and vote according to their best interests as they have been expressed to me. I spent over 12 years in the military serving my country and have no greater desire than to represent the interests and desires of the members of my community.




Steven Pease

Age: 72
Occupation: Construction and home restoration
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: My focus is to operate within the budget. I don’t think government should be able to run in deficit. Sunset City has a $133,000 deficit, and I don’t agree with that. Operate on the budget we have and make it work. I just don’t like seeing waste.


Jake Peterson (incumbent)

Jake Peterson is a candidate in the Sunset City Council race.


Age: Did not respond
Occupation: Did not respond
Previous elective offices: Sunset City Council, 2012-2015, 2016 to present

Focus on city council: Did not respond





Nancy Greco Smalling

Nancy Smalling is a candidate in Sunset's City Council race.


Age: 50
Occupation: Production planner
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: Community making us all feel safe and connected. Showing that helping each other out is what our community needs to do.





Scott Wiggill (incumbent)

Scott Wiggill is a candidate in this year's Sunset City Council race.


Age: 56
Occupation: X-ray and computed tomography work for the U.S. Air Force, Hill Air Force Base
Previous elective offices: Sunset City Council, 2016 to present

Focus on city council: For the last two years, I have served on the Sunset City Council and I am running for re-election. I will serve Sunset City with respect, honor and gratitude as I fulfill the duties entrusted in me as a city council member. I will work to strengthen our local economy, provide Sunset's youth with more educational and recreational activities, and work toward supporting the further beautification of Sunset City's streets.