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The Ogden Municipal Building on Monday, Sept. 30, 2019, in downtown.

OGDEN — The Ogden City Council will hold an open house meeting to discuss how to best implement their recently adopted Five-Year Strategic Plan.

In September, the council adopted the plan, which is expected to serve as a blueprint for the city administration and council when allocating money and other resources. According to the council’s website, many elements of the plan reflect ongoing efforts and will not require a drastic shift in the city’s overall strategy. But the council says it’s committed to using resources in ways that advance the priorities identified in the study.

The plan spells out four “strategic directives” and highlights ways to achieve them. The directives include economic development, community safety, recreation and city image and appearance.

The open house will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8, at the Golden Hours Senior Center, 650 25th St. Residents who attend the open house will be able to interact with council members in “comfortable, informal setting,” according to a press release from the City Council.

“We want to make sure residents know they’re being heard and we’re taking action based on their feedback,” Council Chair Ben Nadolski said in the press release. “This open house is an opportunity for citizens to give feedback on priorities ... We are particularly interested in hearing from a diverse cross section of our community and have invited (Ogden) Diversity Commission members to assist us in our efforts.”

The council also held a fact-finding work session on the plan in September, where the city’s recently formed Strategic Planning Advisory Committee and city-hired consultants discussed the plan with residents.

From January to May, the committee gathered input from residents, an effort that included more than 2,000 surveys. The survey was open to anyone who lives, works, or regularly visits Ogden. It asked respondents a series of questions about what they like and don’t like in the city. In addition to the survey, the committee met community stakeholders and leaders.

In June and July, the committee analyzed survey responses, and from them, formed the four strategic directives.

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