Johnny Ferry

Johnny Ferry of Pleasant View, candidate for the District 19 seat in the Utah Senate in 2020 elections.

PLEASANT VIEW — Johnny Ferry, a Republican, is seeking the District 19 seat in the Utah Senate, with the aim, if elected, of being a voice for business.

“I want to be able to be there when decisions are made for my business and other businesses,” he said. Allen Christensen of North Ogden, a Republican, currently holds the District 19 seat, which encompasses the North Ogden area and environs, the Ogden Valley and parts of Summit and Morgan counties, but isn’t seeking reelection.

Ferry, who lives in Pleasant View, is the vice president of business development for Ogden-based Honeyville, a food manufacturer. “Conservative values,” in his view, allow businesses to thrive, and, along those lines, he espouses limited government and limited taxation.

“I will support legislation that encourages free enterprise and private initiative. I believe the market forces will dictate regulation and that government’s role should be limited,” he said on his campaign website.

Similarly, he touts the importance of the individual in decision-making over the government. “I believe that the individual has the ability to make decisions, good decisions, and the government should be minimal,” he told the Standard-Examiner.

Two Democrats are also running for the post, Katy Owens and Chris Neville, both from Summit County.

Ferry comes from a line of Utah politicians. His brother, Joel Ferry of Brigham City, is currently the District 1 representative in the Utah House. His late grandfather, Miles “Cap” Ferry, served as a Utah state representative and state senator from 1964 to 1984 and subsequently served as commissioner of agriculture for the state until 1993. An uncle, Ben Ferry, also served in the Utah House.

Johnny Ferry, though, who grew up on a cattle ranch in Box Elder County, got his initial start in business. Starting on the factory floor at Honeyville 20-some years ago, he realized his passion and saw business as “my ticket.” Seeing the impact government regulation has on business, though, in good and not-so-good ways, he decided he wanted to make a bid for the Utah Senate post.

His wife, Jennifer, is a teacher, and seeing the role the state has in education also factored in his plans. “It is my priority to ensure our schools are funded and focus on empowering parents, teachers and students,” Ferry said on his website.

Christensen is finishing his fourth term in the District 19 seat.

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