PLEASANT VIEW — Voters in this northern Weber County city of roughly 9,273 residents will trim a field of seven candidates seeking two City Council seats to four in the upcoming Aug. 15 primary.

The Standard-Examiner sent each candidate a short list of questions. All but one — David Chugg — responded. 

Their answers have been edited for clarity. 

Nate Arrington

Age: 21

Education: Attending Weber State University.

Occupation: In the past year, he worked in the member service contact center for America First Credit Union and also recently served as an Especially for Youth (EFY) counselor.

Website/Social media: Elect Nate Arrington on Facebook

What life experience makes you a good prospect for city council? I was raised in Pleasant View. I have loved growing up here and want to continue to see it improve and progress. Serving an LDS mission, working in member service, and working with youth with the EFY program have helped me learn the importance of valuing people and their different perspectives, and the importance of working together to build each other up and progress individually and collectively.

What is your prime motivation for running? It would be the support and encouragement of my immediate and extended family. I would also like to be involved in the city, its people and the decisions that are made.

Jeff Bolingbroke

Age: 43

Education: Earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in business administration.

Occupation: Works in construction. 

What life experience makes you a good prospect for City Council? I've been heavily involved with the precinct over the last eight years in various volunteer capacities. I work well with people and have in-depth knowledge of budgeting which should be of benefit to the city.

What is your prime motivation for running? I think there are serious budget issues facing our city in the future, and we need to start planning now to be able to handle these fiscal issues.

David Chugg did not respond to emails and phone calls requesting information. 

Steve Gibson (incumbent)

Age: 52

Education: Earned a professional sales degree from Weber State University

Occupation: Works as a key account manager. 

Website/Social media: Steve Gibson on Facebook

What life experience makes you a good prospect for city council? I was raised by great parents who taught me the value of hard work at an early age. As an account manager for over 30 years, I learned I need to take care of my customers and treat them the way I would like to be treated. As a member of the City Council, I see residents in the same way. While pursuing my education at Weber State University, I learned to think before acting and to use a common sense approach to problem-solving. As a 23-year resident of Pleasant View City, I have always tried to keep myself informed of the issues affecting the city. I am invested in the success of Pleasant View.

As an incumbent, why do you want and deserve another term? I have served for the past four years as a member of the Pleasant View City Council. I am proud of the decisions I have made and have tried to be careful with the sacred funds with which we have been entrusted with as city leaders. There is a bit of a learning curve associated with this position and there are things that I would like to see through to completion. With four years of experience, I feel I am better prepared moving forward to impact the city in a positive way.

What is your prime motivation for running? I want to keep Pleasant View a wonderful place where my family and others can feel safe and secure. There are many ways to accomplish this, including a strong police department, well-maintained roads, strong infrastructure and support for our outstanding city employees.

Dale Roberts

Age: 47

Education: Took some college courses.

Occupation: Works as a Farmers insurance agent.

What life experience makes you a good prospect for City Council? I am a businessman and have to live within a budget. I am raising three children and serve in several community positions.

What is your prime motivation for running? I want to help promote Pleasant View as a great place to live and do business.


Justin Urry

Age: 43

Education: Earned a master’s of education in instructional technology.

Occupation: He currently works in education. 

What life experience makes you a good prospect for City Council? I've been a life-long resident of Northern Weber County. As a history educator in the area, I've taught civics and government for many years to youth in the Pleasant View/North Ogden area and therefore feel I have a comprehensive view of how government works.

What is your prime motivation for running? I am a conservative who believes, as did Thoreau, "that government which governs least, governs best." In my experience, many conservatives decry government tyranny at the federal or even state level yet largely ignore the deleterious effects local government agencies can have on their way of life, especially as regards taxes. I hope to be a voice of reason and responsibility within local government in order to safeguard against government overreach or abuse.


Brian Weeks

Age: 47

Education: Earned a trades certificate in precision metal fabrication.

Occupation: He has 28 years of experience working in the metal fabrication industry.

What life experience makes you a good prospect for city council? During my many years of experience, I have worked in a team environment, collaborating together for a common goal. For 12 years I led a team which involved receiving input from others, delegating, directing, coaching, and problem solving. My current role as a project manager gives me experience dealing with set up, planning, bids, completion, cost and customer satisfaction. While a city is not a business, it does deal with many similar aspects of the work I do.

What is your prime motivation for running? My hope is to contribute with a common sense approach to the city council (team) and the decisions that are made, and to be a part of planning the community. I want to see that the community benefits as a whole, and not as a few. I have lived the greater part of my life as a resident of Pleasant View, and plan on many more great years to come — what better reason to help secure a prosperous future for our community.



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