HARRISVILLE — This northern Weber County city of roughly 6,221 residents is hosting a primary election for three candidates contending for one two-year City Council seat. Voters will narrow that field to two in the Aug. 15 primary.

That short list includes Jake Schlegel, Kevin Shakespeare and Grover Wilhelmsen. The Standard-Examiner asked each candidate a few questions. The responses have been ended for clarity. 

Jake Schlegel

Age: 37

Education: Earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Utah.

Occupation: He is currently a stay-at-home dad.

Website/social media: Jake Schlegel for Harrisville City Council on Facebook

What life experience makes you a good prospect for City Council? I have worked as a manager at various financial and commercial corporations, as well as managing various political campaigns, I also have a good knowledge of city government processes and welcome the chance  to use my experience for the benefit of the citizens of Harrisville.

What is your prime motivation for running? Making a difference for the community by volunteering, being an example to my two sons, and helping to bring the right kind of businesses into the city.

Kevin Shakespeare

Age: 44

Education: Has taken some college courses.

Occupation: Currently works in auto parts sales.

What life experience makes you a good prospect for City Council? I feel I have many life experiences that would make me fit to serve the people of Harrisville. I have several years of experience in management which have helped me gain organizational skills, problem solving and extensive people skills. The last 10 years of sales in Ogden has taught me how to deal with many different personalities, and I feel that my ability to work in a group setting in order to achieve a larger goal is one of my best qualities.

What is your prime motivation for running? I moved to Harrisville a little over a year ago, and I love the community and would love to have the privilege of serving it with my conservative values.

Grover Wilhelmsen

Age: 67

Education: Earned a master’s degree in education.

Occupation: Currently operates a string instrument shop and teaches private string lessons.

What life experience makes you a good prospect for City Council? I served eight years on the Harrisville City Council and four years on the North View Fire Board. I have worked with youth organizations and music non-profit groups to help them develop quality programs, student talents, and skills. As an educator, I served on many committees to improve education. On City Council, I helped balance the budget and improve city services. I did not run in the last election because my wife and I are serving a part-time LDS Mission that concludes in April 2018. My desire is to be involved in city decisions and to be an asset to my community.

What is your prime motivation for running? I want to use my experience to help maintain a cost-effective city that benefits our citizens, personnel and professional services.

Contact reporter Cathy McKitrick at 801-625-4214 or cmckitrick@standard.net. Follow her on Twitter at @catmck.  

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