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Jason Christensen, an Independent American candidate running for the state Senate District 16 seat, was at the center of an online firestorm Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, after posting controversial comments to a Facebook thread.

PROVO — In response to a Facebook post mourning a young LGBT Kaysville man’s suicide, a candidate for state Senate posted a comment about the “sins” he believes the teenager committed.

“Yes this is sad, and hopefully God will have mercy on both sins that this boy committed. The sins of homosexuality and the sins of murder,” posted Jason Christensen, an Independent American candidate running for the state Senate District 16 seat against Republican incumbent Curt Bramble.

Christensen is now facing criticism for his comments after they were published on KUTV and RawStory, as well as the social media site Reddit.

The Standard-Examiner does not identify people who’ve completed suicide without permission from immediate family or authorities. 

When other Facebook users criticized Christensen’s comment, he responded with, “Read the scriptures, stop denying the scriptures. I do feel bad for him and his sins. But one must recognize what’s sins and what is not sin. One must live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the Gospel of the Devil.”

His comments in the Facebook post were deleted, but screenshots were shared on Reddit.

Christensen confirmed in a phone interview Friday that he made the Facebook comments. He said he was motivated to chime in by “foot-in-mouth disease and a lack of tact.”

Although he’s Mormon, Christensen said his comments had nothing to do with his particular faith. He apologized for the comments regarding suicide and for “not being more clear in (my) words,” but stood firm on his stance regarding homosexuality.

“I do mourn for the 19-year-old boy and his family, and I hope they can accept my apology,” Christensen said.

After posting his Facebook comments, Christensen said he’s been flooded with hate messages and death threats.

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Christianity-the religion with the central theme of loving and not judging your neighbor but is filled with hate and vitriol to anyone different


This man is deplorable. God I'm getting tired of Utah being so backward


so the SE only publishes the names of those that "completed" suicide with the permission of their family or authorities. If they did it without permission then you don't? I think you should read what you write before it goes to print.

Annabel Orianthia Nelligan

Mormon.....Happy Valley...Enough said!


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It's Utah County...of course they'll elect him. This story has gained some national attention. Utah. Life Elevated.


Someone hacked that bigot's business website...it brings up Grindr....hahaha...what a pernicious, deplorable, yes deplorable miscreant. Jason the patriot my left testicle. Why does everything vile emanate from Utah County? I would avoid the water.


SE doesn't do this story justice if you go to the links you'll see Jason's full comments. This guy is a complete idiot. If he is elected I can see the entire population of Utah Goose stepping to the Temple every Sunday for their weekly brainwashing!

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