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Gas prices are not predicted to go down any time soon

By Deborah Wilber - | Jun 9, 2022

Deborah Wilber, Standard-Examiner

Gas prices at the Smith's Fuel Center on Harrison Boulevard and 12th Street are pictured on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Smith's shoppers with a Smith's reward card can save up to $1.00 per gallon with points earned. Gas attendant Rylee Keele said every 100 points earned is 10 cents of a gallon. Gas consumers have up to two months to use points earned in a single month before they expire.

OGDEN — Supply and demand at gas pumps is affecting millions of Americans as gas prices soar to new historic highs. GasBuddy, a Boston-based tech company tracking real-time fuel prices across the United States, does not predict gas prices to go down any time soon.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said fuel supply and demand was disrupted during COVID-19 when people were staying close to home. According to De Haan, decreased demand for gas during the pandemic led to the permanent closure of about a dozen refineries.

“The damage has been done,” De Haan said.

With fewer refineries, sanctions on Russia’s oil and a growing demand for gas as people return to their lives post-COVID, prices are predicted to continue rising.

De Haan said Hawaii attempted to put a cap on gas prices in 2005, which resulted in more damage by discouraging petroleum industry investors.

Americans are spoiled, said Ronda Thomas, a resident of Salt Lake City, as she filled the gas tank of her motorhome to take a family trip to Montana.

“Compared to Europe, we’re still really, really cheap,” she said.

For truck driver Lonnie Edwards, it costs $700 to fill his 120-gallon tank every few days. As a driver for Knight Transportation, he does not pay for gas out of pocket.

Edwards said he does not know how independent truck drivers are making it on their own.

According to Edwards, Knight Transportation requested their drivers keep a watchful eye on gas prices and fill up for less when possible.

Before leaving for Sacramento on a delivery, Edwards said he filled his tank in Oregon where gas was cheaper. He said he was happy to get out of California before he needed gas again.

California is averaging $6.39 per gallon for regular unleaded, marking them as the state with the highest gas prices in the country.

Utah, currently averaging $4.98 per gallon for regular unleaded, is roughly $1.70 higher now than it was in mid-February.

The cheapest gas in Ogden is currently listed at the Flying J Travel Center off of 21st Street and Interstate 15 with $4.65 per gallon for regular unleaded, according to GasBuddy.com.

Costco and Sam’s Club also made the list for cheapest gas in the area, however, membership is required. Gas prices at both retailers vary by location.

Costco in Ogden and Sam’s Club in Riverdale are both currently priced at $4.72 per gallon for regular unleaded.


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