Circles Program, Davis County

Bo Brower, a life coach and owner of Corprotect Synergy, presents at a meeting of the Circles Initiative held St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Clearfield. The initiative locally has been in operation for one year with the goal of helping families find their way out of poverty.

This is the 20th in a 25-part series, 25 Days of Giving, that features one-minute videos on Northern Utah non-profit agencies during the month of December.

What is the name of your non-profit? Circles Davis County/Family Connection Center

What do you do? Circles is a non-profit organization geared toward working with families who are struggling with poverty and looking for a way out. We work with the community to help equip those families with the skills and tools to help them achieve this goal and thrive.

You should volunteer for this program if … You have any interest in helping to build a stronger community that can work together to help resolve and end poverty.

How can people help? Our Circles community is always looking for several different types of volunteers that range from becoming an ally to one of our circle leaders, assisting with knowledge on budgeting, finance, meal planning, resume and interviewing skills, sponsor an activity night, networking in all aspects, childcare for weekly meetings, meal donations, and set up and clean up for weekly meetings.

A video created by Circles Davis County/Family Connection Center also tells how people may help. The video is found at:

How can people contact you? You can contact Jesse Checkman at, Lamont Hampton at or Jen McCarty at with any questions or for more information on how you can get involved.

Do you have a website?

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