Lifeguards at the Layton City Surf ‘n Swim tossed eggs throughout the pool Saturday morning for their annual Easter Egg Dive event and while the eggs drifted calmly in the water, a host of kids stood eyeing them as they determined their strategies for extracting the orbs from the water.

Once they were given the go-ahead, kids splashed into the pool, many of them doing face-plants into the water before they reached the potpourri of plastic ovals, rocking the eggs in the ensuing waves.

Noticeably lacking at the event were kids mowing each other down in attempts to get to the eggs, exactly why several of the families decided to veer away from traditional Easter egg hunts and give the egg dive a try.

“We decided to try this because other ones are so crowded, and we love to swim, so that’s an added bonus,” C.J. Gibson of Croydon said.

The kids were divided into five age groups so everyone had a chance to collect eggs, and because the event had a cap on pre-registrations, the event wasn’t crowded, exactly what intrigued Gibson.

The Surf ‘n Swim has been hosting an egg dive for a number of years, most recently under the direction of Assistant Aquatics Manager Anita Edstrom. “This encourages the kids to come to the water and get experience with being in the water so they aren’t afraid, and this is a fun way of doing that,” Edstrom said.

Goggles were a handy accessory as kids dove into the water to collect the eggs filled with marbles, allowing them to sink to the bottom. Once kids finished filling their netted bags with eggs, they redeemed their prizes outside of the pool.

But one pre-teen wasn’t counting his eggs when he got out of the water. “Towel, towel. Where’s my towel?” asked Josh Oliphant, 10, of Layton.

Lifeguards attempted to grab wayward eggs as they floated from their designated territory upon setting them up for each group. Frankie D’Anico of Ogden was experiencing the event for the first time with his children. “My kids all love swimming, so we came here to mix up our Easter activities a little bit rather than doing it in the grass, and this tests their swim abilities by actually getting into the water,” D’Anico said.

A handful of adults joined the 12 and older age group, several of them strategically tying their bags around their waists and diving into the water to get to the eggs. “I’m pretty sure our kids wanted us to do it, and we got to show them how to compete,” D’Anico said. “Besides, this is something where the whole family should be involved.”

Elsewhere Saturday, 450 kids were able to dive for eggs at the bottom of the pool at the Clearfield City Aquatic Center’s Egg Dive. Clearfield City has been doing the egg dive for over 16 years; before the current aquatic center was built, said Mckell Christensen, Aquatic Program Supervisor. “This is my sixteenth year doing the egg dive, said Donna Russell, Clearfield Aquatic Center manager.

“We get a lot of participation, and it’s an affordable, safe place to do an egg hunt, and it’s a good community event. Every year it’s a great event, and sells out,” Christensen said.

Mindy and Duane Mortensen brought their 5 kids, ages 3-12. “This is our fourth year coming. Our kids love it. Our 12-year-old is sad he can’t do it next year, when he’s 13. The egg dive is a crazy, yet organized event at the same time,” said Mindy. “The kids get good gifts,” said Duane.

Alex Seeley loves getting down to the deep and being able to swim faster than most people, to get the eggs.

Alex came with his father, Jacob Seeley, his father’s girlfriend, Christine Spatig, and his siblings Payton and Kiyah. Payton and Kiyah both loved “getting the prizes.” Spatig said “I signed Jacob’s kids up and told them about it. I wish I had known about it sooner, when my kids were small; my daughter would have loved to participate.

Siblings Ambria and River James participated as well. “I liked diving in to get the prizes” said Ambria. River enjoyed swimming.

The Jenkins family brought their four kids, Kael, Brycen, Seth, and Williams.

Kael enjoyed “Turning in my eggs for prizes.” Seth liked it “when I got the eggs from the top of the slide, and then slid down.” Brycen enjoyed finding the eggs.

Fawn Mitchell brought her four kids, Gwen, Jeweliette, Leonardo, and Alice. “We have been coming for years, my kids always love it It’s a good egg hunt. Jewleliette got seven eggs; the prizes she won included fun dip, a Texas Roadhouse coin, a ball, and some money.

Jillian Smith loved getting the eggs from the water.

Nine-year-old twins Denver and Dakota Dixon participated for the first time this year. They both loved swimming for prizes. Some of the prizes they got included money, sunglasses, hat, certificates for kids meals from local restaurants and an hour pass to the Dart Pad Arena.

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