El Pollo Loco Riverdale

The site of soon-to-open El Pollo Loco restaurant April 15, 2018, in Riverdale.

RIVERDALE — El Pollo Loco may not be as popular in Utah as it is in California and a few other states, but it’s clearly growing.

The restaurant chain will soon have two more stores in Utah, including one in Riverdale, bringing its total number of Utah locations to eight. This will be the chain’s first location north of Salt Lake City. The other store currently in the preparation stage is in Sandy.

“This restaurant in particular, there’s a lot of excitement for, I think,” said Michael Eggett, community development director for Riverdale City. “I think there’s individuals that have frequented this establishment and they’re looking forward to it. I myself am excited for it.”

“At El Pollo Loco, pronounced ‘L Po-yo Lo-co’ and Spanish for ‘The Crazy Chicken,’ we go to crazy lengths for our signature citrus-marinated, fire-grilled chicken,” a statement on the restaurant’s website read.

“First, we marinate fresh, whole chickens in a special recipe of herbs, spices, fruit juices and garlic. The whole chickens are then fire-grilled, hand-cut, and served with our chicken meals, burritos, salads, soups, tacos and quesadillas. And if that’s not enough, we apply that same passion to our handmade guacamole, salsas and dressings every day.”

Eggett said he couldn’t provide an exact date for when the store will open because it depends on certain variables like weather and how quickly the project manager works.

The Riverdale store will be located at 899 W. Riverdale Road inside Riverdale Town Square.

According to Eggett, El Pollo Loco received its site plan approval over a year ago. The building permit was issued about a month ago.

According to its website, El Pollo Loco will have 499 locations in the country after all the currently planned locations are finished. The chain started in Los Angeles in 1980, and 390 of its stores — either already built or soon-to-be-built — are located in California. El Pollo Loco has also spread into Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Louisiana, in addition to Utah, according to its website.

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El pollo Rico has absolutely no chance. I went into el pollo Rico a couple years ago and asked them how they compare to el pollo loco and honestly el pollo Rico was joke compared to el pollo loco. This is an easy one, el pollo loco is absolutely amazing and addicting. Once el pollo loco opens most of you will never go to Rico again. El pollo loco will soon become your favorite fast food place. 


El Pollo Loco is great, but please continue to support local! El Pollo Rico in Ogden is fantastic!


I hope El Pollo Rico can hang in there. I'm all about supporting local, but the convenience of fast food and if it has a drive thru will entice me. 


Don't know the chain.  Have to see if it can hang in there with El Pollo Rico which Ogden already has. 


Yet another business to add even more traffic congestion on Riverdale Road--as if we need any more!  I don't really enjoy shopping at Walmart, but since Target refuses to build a store in Ogden, I'll continue to go to Wally World just to avoid the traffic cluster on Riverdale Rd.  The site of the old Fred Meyer store would have been a great location for a Target, but instead Ogden City chose to give a 100 K loan to a company to build a non-existent hospital there!

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