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Kaysville City public works employee Trent Walker leads a team as they mow an empty field Tuesday, June 6, near Jefferson Academy in Kaysville. The city will be creating a new 10-acre park at the site.

KAYSVILLE — As Kaysville has grown, the number of kids and teens here has jumped as well.

John Toone, who has lived in the city since 2000, has seen the change — people under 18 now account for around 40 percent of Kaysville’s population — and he maintains that it comes with a cost. “This puts tremendous pressure on the existing parks in Kaysville,” he said.

With that in mind, city leaders are moving forward with a $1.55 million plan to develop a new 10-acre park on the site of a wide-open field on the west side of Kaysville, off Angel Street. Pioneer Park, as it’s dubbed, would be the most significant addition to the city’s park system since development of the 17-acre Angel Street Soccer Complex in 2004.

The project has officials and boosters like Toone, a member of a citizens committee that helped craft the plans, excited. The southwest side of Kaysville “serves several housing developments and there are tons of children and activities that a park this size would be perfect to accommodate,” said Polly Brown, also a member of the citizens committee.

As is, Toone said, the Angel Street Soccer Complex, Heritage Park and other facilities are “just packed,” underscoring the need for more.

Pioneer Park Kaysville

Kaysville leaders are moving forward with a plan to develop a 10-acre park on the west side of Kaysville, off Angel Street and north of Jefferson Academy. A public hearing on the $1.33 million proposal is set for June 15.

The Kaysville City Council on May 18 approved the general parameters of the plans, to be funded largely by $1.3 million in bonds that would be financed by parks and recreation impact fees. A hearing is set for June 15 to let the public sound off. Another $250,000 to pay for the first phase of development would come from city general funds, according to city documents.

Cole Stephens, Kaysville’s parks and recreation director, said the plans have been in the works for perhaps seven years, ever since the city acquired the land in the 1200 block of South Angel Street, north of Jefferson Academy. Work could start by the end of October, with the first phase largely complete by the summer of 2018.

Initial plans call for a new pavilion, two Little League backstops, playground equipment, sidewalks and more.

“Kaysville is growing so fast, and I was happy the city had the forethought to put aside space for recreation,” Brown said.

The larger vision calls for $4.59 million in investment, according to city documents, and future plans call for the addition of a half-sized basketball court, two tennis courts and perhaps a splash park of some sort. No timeline, however, has been set for elements beyond the scope of those in the first phase.

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