MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE — A trio of Marriott-Slatterville siblings will be serving their LDS missions on opposite sides of the world. 

Fraternal triplets Marcus, Mason and Morgan Laub each opened their LDS mission calls on Friday, May 4, the day they got them in the mail. The triplets will graduate soon from Fremont High School, just weeks before their 19th birthday. 

Their parents, Colette and J.J. Laub, said they waited an extra year to put the triplets in kindergarten to aid in their eventual LDS mission preparation. They wanted to avoid having their sons wait a year after high school before serving missions, Morgan Laub said.

However, the Laubs could not have anticipated that their two sons and a daughter would all be leaving on their missions at the same time.

In October 2012, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported a change in missionary ages from 19 for men and 21 for women to 18 for men and 19 for women. Another requirement for service is to first graduate from high school.

“When (the ages) were lowered, it hit us that they could go at the same time, but we were not sure Morgan would go on a mission,” J.J. Laub said. “The last three years or so, Morgan expressed a desire to go and it really hit us that they could be either leaving at the same time or returning at the same time.”

Marcus will report to a mission centered in Angelus, Philippines, and will leave Aug. 31. Mason is to report to his mission in Hamilton, New Zealand, Aug. 30, but he believes he may have to leave earlier to allow for travel.

Morgan will serve in a mission headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will leave Sept. 19, according to information contained in their mission calls.

Young women serve LDS missions for 18 months while young men serve for 24 months.

“I’ll be here to see (my brothers) go and I’ll be here when they get back,” Morgan Laub said.

The parents said they each will be working multiple jobs to pay $1,200 per month — $400 per missionary — in missionary support.

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