First vehicle on double diverging-diamond interchange

A white Ford Mustang is the first vehicle through the new $14 million 1100 South double diverging diamond interchange in Brigham City. The DDI, which opened to traffic late Tuesday afternoon, is the first of its kind in northern Utah. The change in traffic pattern is expected to prevent backing along 1100 South on any day there is a special event held in Box Elder or Cache counties.

BRIGHAM CITY — The first car through the $14 million double diverging diamond interchange at 1100 South in Brigham City was a white mustang with Utah plates.

The DDI interchange, the first of its kind in northern Utah, opened late Tuesday afternoon with no incidents or problems occurring, Utah Department of Transportation Communications Manager Vic Saunders said.

“People (motorists) actually had smiles on their faces,” Saunders said who was on hand at the opening taking pictures.

The interchange, which creates a diamond-pattern traffic flow, is designed to be able to move traffic more freely through the interchange and onto and off of Interstate 15.

“It’s well marked. It drives very naturally,” Saunders said of the project.

UDOT officials were initially concerned some motorists might have had some trepidation driving the route. But arrows on the roadway, and signage throughout the project, has been provided to make the drive a little easier for motorists, Saunders said.

The change in the traffic flow will also prevent backing on 1100 South in Brigham City every time Logan has a large event. The 1100 South roadway accesses Sardine Canyon, which is a main access to Logan, the home of Utah State University.

A similar diamond-diverging interchange is expected to be part of the $117 million dollar South Davis Project that is under way in south Davis County.

The diverging-diamond interchange will involve a modification of the 500 South freeway interchange in Bountiful, Saunders said.

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