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It’s that time of year when “Ho! Ho! Ho!” makes some folks say “No! No! No!”

For those who believe playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving is a mortal sin, early November can be a foreboding time. Traditionally, a small number of Utah radio stations have dipped their mistletoes into the holiday musical waters by now, cueing up Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” or Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.”

But this year — at least so far — it’s a bona fide Christmas miracle.

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More than a week into November, and still no sign of those seasonal tunes to be found anywhere on the radio dial. Indeed, to the best of our knowledge, no Northern Utah radio stations have jumped the holiday shark and started playing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” or “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” at a time when Christmas/that most wonderful time is still weeks away.

In past years, a couple of radio stations started playing holiday songs sometime in November or early December. But thus far, only one station is making public plans to play them constantly sometime in the near future.

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Christmas music is an annual tradition at KSFI 100.3 FM, commonly referred to as FM100. And the station’s website is already liberally sprinkled with holiday images and references.

But when will the other Christmas Shoe drop? A quick call to the radio station yielded little information on just when the fa-la-la-la-la-ing might commence.

“My lips are sealed,” said FM100 receptionist Wendy Williams, who also channels her inner Mrs. Claus for the station’s annual Christmas concert series. “All I can tell you is the Christmas music will start sometime between now and Christmas.”

There’s a reason for Williams’ secretive demeanor. The station is again running its “Flip the Switch to Christmas” contest, in which visitors to the station’s website are invited to guess the exact date and time that FM100 begins its annual all-Christmas-all-the-time aural assault. The winner of the contest earns a $500 holiday bonus.

Of course, for those listeners who just can’t wait for it to begin looking a lot like Christmas, there’s always music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify.

And even FM100 has a place for early birds to get their fix. This year, the station has added a “Listen Now: Christmas Music Stream” button to the top of its web page.

“For the diehards,” Williams explains.

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Hi Ogden Bicker. My sincere condolences to the good people of Logan. Thankfully, in the Ogden area -- at least on the radios I've scanned -- we're spared that format. I suspect it has much to do with the strength of the classic rock signal of nearby 103.5.


Hate to burst your bubble, Mark, but KLGN (1390 AM & 103.3 FM in Logan) flipped to all Christmas music this Monday November 6th.  No surprises there, as KLGN has traditionally been one of the first stations in Northern Utah to switch to a Christmas format.  In fact, their previous web site prominently featured a Santa Claus Christmas scene with the caption "The Christmas Station--Every November and December".  

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